Monday, 29 November 2010

Whilst I remember

I sat next to a lovely canadian lady on the coach the other day and her friend in Canada keeps all seams off jeans when she uses them for their fabric.
You know like when you cut the front and back jeans legs apart and you have 2 x 31" lengths of the seams left over?

Well I already have a bag full of seams from girly dresses and other clothing, they can be twisted to make lovely flowers for pins or decorations.
I also have used the jeans seams to make flowers as well, but they are bulkier and dont twist quite as nicely.
But this lady had saved up all those leg seams and then stitched them together into a fabric bowl which by the nature of it being doubled up denim, was a very sturdy bowl cum basket!
I love this idea so am now on the cadge for more jeans!
What a smashing door mat it could make, oversewing with strong, maybe colourful thread, those long seams?
Maybe they could be woven into a warp of pretty fabric?
They could make table mats, coiled up and oversewn as baskets like this lady had done...
or coiled similarly to make a hat!

Im on a mission!!!!

Oh and the pockets?
At K&S there was a wall hanging made out of jeans pockets stitched onto a backing fabric. About 3 across and 3 down, looked to be mens jeans cos they were big pockets but it was a hanging to store pencils in, to tuck bits into.........ideal for a kids bedroom next to the bed or for alongside the computer maybe...loved that idea too.........
Fun for the making lol

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