Sunday, 28 November 2010

Knitting & Stitching show (2)

Harrogate is a jewel in Yorkshires crown, fantastic old buildings, heaps of atmosphere, though yes, theres a McDonalds there too lol
Our very own Agatha Christie escaped there at some point in her fame, and was nation wide reported as being missing....doubt we ever will know the truth of all that...Do hope the gal got laid at least whilst she was there, to make all the newspaper hype of her disapearance worthwhile!

So theres this wonderful old theatre that has been very beautifully renovated in its original colours and the theatre hall itself is sumptious it has to be said............But what do they build alongside it, with corridors going through and into it.......this monolithic cross between an egyptian tomb and an Odeon cinema.......this folks is the Conference Hall side....where the Knitting & Stitching show is held.
Once inside its like being in a maze, with great maps of how to find the 5 halls but the maps are upside down as compared to where you are at.........on it, at the time of looking....theyd do better to sell compasses for us to find our way from hall A to B to C to TG to downstairs........let alone the blessed loo! ( No bar there............I know why...)

These fab pics were Aspects of Dartmoor by Rosemary Jarvis. it was lovely to see examples of embellished felting used so creatively and with such rich result. Ive a lot to learn yet with this lol
But I really liked them.

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