Sunday, 14 November 2010

Foil Winner!

Now I did say you had a far better chance of winning than in many blog giveaways because I have so few followers and with only 13 comments, it was especially true!

I had decided to simply add the number of comments up, then add the (hopefully!) double or ( unlikley) triple numbers together, to achieve the numbered comment that had won.....
So with 13 comments, taking out my own replies, 1 +3 = 4
so the winner was.. comment number 4 ....
Congrats to


So Lynda please, email me your address and I will pop the foil bundle in the post for you this week.
I really do like those patchwork like hangings you make, they look such fun.

Many thanks to those of you who popped by and entered.
I will do another foil giveaway later on, maybe when Ive hit 3000 hits.
I am lucky enough to have access to the foils for very little cost, and it's so nice to share stuff as well as receive it!

I'm away to sit on the settee with some hand stitching, my temperature is going up and down like a yo yo yet I'm wrapped up in winter woolies with the heating on, so there's no excuse to be shivering!
I might be forced to have a nana-nap....


  1. di you get my message yesterday with my address? been having problems with my laptopxx so excited l won! Yeh!xxlynda

  2. Thanks Lynda yes, havent been out of my bed the last two days, chest infection thats all. Hope youre cleared of the flu?
    Off to get tablets for myself and the dog today so hope to post the bag this afternoon for you. Any questions about using it just ask but just remember to use it shiny/colour side facing you, the iron odd surface is the dull side, it doesnt seem right, but it is lol
    I was based out of Brize Norton in Oxon. I only went into the Raf because, I was going to have to wait months to join the Wrens oddly enough. I had been accepted for them first....prefered their uniform! But wanted to strike out as soon as I could so opted for the Raf. No regrets cos I am more sea sick than air sick!