Monday, 22 November 2010

Hairstyles, wreaths, owls and robins

These three ladies are on a cabinet card that I picked up afew weeks back and couldnt resist at a £1. Three friends, since there are three different names on the back, each wearing very similar blouses and they obviously used the same hairdresser!
The blouses feature what looks like a printed embroidery design, am sure its not been hand or machine stitched and they are definately not real flower sprays.
The hairstyles are very Star Wars or Cheryl Cole-ish dont you think?
The pic was pristine when I bought it, but I'd got caught in the rain and I made the mistake of wiping raindrops off the picture, so now theres this streak across it.......... but I should be able to fix it enough to alter it in some creative way.

The wreaths I made through the summer are taking shape, not too fussy, as is my way. Above I've used some of the rust dyed fabric Ive shown on previous posts and had made the owl from fulled woollies. The lace flower was an eco dye, but am blowed if I can recall what I used to dye it.........though it may have been onion skins looking at it.
My Creative Gene, seems to have a thing about owls at the moment....... and no I havent seen the new Harry Potter movie, yet.

This 2nd wreath has a jumble or two of old red and white buttons and strips of a loosley knitted fabric to decorate it. The green fabric was a sort of wrap like cardigan that had a hole in it, where no hole had been intended. I paid over the odds for it since it was 'holed'  in a charity shop I suppose lol so I could try and embellish with it...............but Ive yet to do that! Still now I have finally sliced into it, Ive no excuse but to continue chopping pieces of it off.
The 3rd wreath is one of the twisted bamboo sprays and I left the dried leaves on, to give it a more rustic effect. But then for some daft reason I draped this old wired, more traditional ribbon about it, very not me ..... that Id been given and stitched the odd patchwork heart on as well.
The jurys out on this one lol
but the one below I adore and wont part with!
Again its the twisted round bamboo, both have a light spray of silver paint to knock back the leaves.
The red and gold fabrics are from my stash but I must have bought them at least 9 years ago, so they figure as recycled and almost vintage!
The patchwork heart was made from some patchworked together squares I bought at our embroidery club meeting a month back, when another member was clearing out her workroom.
The squares did nothing for me as they were, so I cut them up into hearts and have made them into garlands....but this one heart must have escaped!

Having said that I have a thing about owls at the moment, my daughter gave me a pair of her Abercombie and Fitch jeans. I had patched the inner thighs for her where the extortionately expensive denim had worn through.
Not worn through because she has chubby thighs mark you, no way.  Rather because I suspect they over stressed that area of the denim. But Abercombie and Fitch have status it seems, so she wore them with a patch till in the end they were no longer in fashion..... and were passed onto to me to use for fabric. So thus, this owl came about... and a robin or two

this one with a warm woolly fulled chest and rust dyed fabric beak
and this one with a christmas fabric chest and  yellow cotton beak.

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