Sunday, 28 November 2010

knitting & stitching Show (3)

These luscious altered books were done by Christina Brazier and the first one, was just stunning. Im making up a Topic Box of course about WW1 at work at the moment and if only our VI kids could see, this would have been a devotion to duty to make one like this to include in the boxes.
In Flanders Fields naturally features here and the whole book was beautifully scripted within. Loved the little ladybird and the gas mask added to the great sadness. Now if I could lay my hands on one of those at not too much cost, our visually impaired kids would experience the smell of the rubber and the cloying fit of the mask.......ooooh if only.

This book had a latin name, eringium maritimum.........but must be about seeds and growing....maybe its the thistly plant that adorns the piece.
Also cleverly put together and quite charming.

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