Tuesday, 23 November 2010

'Lets draw plants and small creatures' the book!

Very many thanks to Lindsey Cardarelli of Quayside Publishing and to Craftside, which is where I got to know about a super giveaway for this book <<<<<<<<
which Im thrilled to bits to say that I won.

Its winged its way over from the States and I have to say, it is simply delightful.
This particular little A5 paperback book is chock full of the most delish stage by stage drawings, with script text written suggestions, on how to draw plants and small creatures.
Its by one of Japan's most popular artists Sachiko Umoto and there are two other 'Illustration School' books to compliment this one by  Sachiko too.
(So they are on my wish list as of today!)
This would make a smashing gift for someone who wants to learn to draw. 
Theres nothing but positive ideas and absolutely no intimidation in it at all.   It would make it easy for anyone to simply pick up a pen or pencil and allow themselves to draw, as they have never before.
Its style is simple with added little snippets of interest dotted throughout its pages............like
the fact that lilacs usually have four petals. It is said though, that finding a lilac flower with 5 petals brings good luck!
Charming, just charming. Im smitten by it.

It would be a perfect gift for a child who wants to learn to draw, since the stage by stage pictures would allow them to copy, even if they couldnt read the words.
I know someone who likes to draw but says hes no good at it, so shall I give this to him for christmas? Well...................no.....but I will buy a copy  for him, then I can selfishly keep this one!

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