Monday, 29 November 2010

Yes more K&S uniform pics......youre bored now arent you lol

Am reposting these pics the right way round because I felt they deserve to be seen right.
There were two awful full face and headgear things that I cant have photographed, presumably for the chap to wear over the face/head for protection during the course of the treatments stages.
They must have been very restrictive and were in standard military fabrics so wouldnt have been kind to the delicate facial areas.
I love what Paddy did to the pockets though dont you?
Like layers. And I pick up from this that the army was his life or maybe they were army doctors who undertook this reconstruction?
It would have been a pioneering proceedure Im sure back in 1939.

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  1. Hi, I did an essay last year on nose reconstructive surgery and it has been present since 5th centuary BC in India. I was facinated by this installation though. kind regards

  2. Deborah I had no idea!
    I had known that WW1 lads had been pretty much guinea pigs for several medical treatments, but its amazing to think back how far nose reconstruction must have been practised!
    I found this very moving, maybe in part because I know a woman who has undergone the same kind of proceedure. But despite that, I think it would have prompted the same response in me.
    Thank you for youre comment and for tagging along too!