Sunday, 1 February 2009

Well you know how it is, a baby on the way, the first grandchild, and when he arrives way too early..........everyones on tenderhooks trying to do all sorts to help out!
So thats partly why my blog has been dry since May of last year......though I hadnt realised it had been quite so long!

I also had a repair op on my foot, that they did wrong the year before, and now happily, I can walk without the limp they gave me!
Though I still do have a big toe that sticks out and up like a mini erection..........but its less erect than before, small mercies eh!!

Jack Paul arrived on July 31st, way too early and after some health worries is now a six month old bundle of healthy joy.
As a first time Nanna, I am besotted and having had to gather in again, all the very things, that I gave away gladly when my two reached a certain age ............ my funds have been stretched but its been a pleasure.

The builders went, but Ive had them back in to repair what they didnt do right last summer........well, different builders, because I sent the previous crowd packing by Junes end last summer.
They hadnt fitted the downstairs loo properly and so it flooded from the base when you flushed it, and soaked into plaster and bricks behind it.
Its taken me months to get a surveyor to come and see it........then another battle to get the flooring replaced....OH! hassles again all round. Its mentally trying you know?
But there are still folk who havent yet had the builders in to repair their flooded homes, and they DID have water within their homes, unlike myself.
So mores the pity for them.

Since last summer Ive also started to do craft fairs, to try and get established as a named seller in good time for when I retire, so that hopefully I can augment my pension to live!
Though I stand no chance of being able to retire at 60........!
Of course the credit crunch hasnt helped
Im selling under the name of 'RecycLin' so maybe that says it all about my work, but I hope to undercut the credit crunch and sell at sensible prices anyway. I have afew bits on
This is a new site, much like Etsy but for UK sellers though obviously they will allow sellers from outside the UK to sell too.
Theres some stunning things on there by talented creators, so do please have a look and trawl the delights on there.
I also sell afew things locally at a fabulous little shop called PollyAnna on Princes Avenue in Hull, so Im keeping stall and store stocked with odds and ends, rather than ever sit doing nothing!
Though she does naturally add her commission and costs, to the prices.

I can no more make ten of one thing than I can successfully stick to a pattern or recipe, so each thing made is from recycled materials, OOAK and I dont get bored!
Plus I am led by what my Creative Gene decides each new garment or fabric must become.....At least if I were retired, Id have loads to do!!

Well,now Ive leaped back in and begun my blog again, I will stick to updating it at least once a month and will stock it up with some piccies too.
Stay well folks,