Sunday, 5 March 2017

Pic heavy post be warned lol

So I'm getting tardy, sorry, my blogging mojo seems to have deserted me but here is a review of some of the things I've been up to ... and more Amy Johnson Moths too!
A fastening activity 'burger' for a child at work, made a pizza too with all the toppings fastenable on, but I don't think I took a picture!

and I turned the Mystical Lantern crochet pattern by Janie Crowe into a cushion and blow me I haven't taken a photo of the back of that either!
I used a fulled, light blue cardigan that had a central front zip fastening as the backing.
Its a bit pieced and patched in two of the corners but I can remove the cushion pad for washing by unzipping it easily.

This was another fastening cushion I made for work.
The little face is a flap with a button as a nose and a hook n eye fastener on the top of her head too.

I unearthed these blocks and umpteen more, having set them aside quite a while ago.
I am rethinking what to do with them now.
Impractical as a quilt since the cats  leap on the bed and they will pull the threads on the various lacey and crocheted doilies but I do need a couple of curtain drapes for across an alcove.

An unashamedly Awwww picture of Spencer : )
No I didn't make the blanket, his other nannie did.

More Larkin toads with grandson number 1 - he is collecting pictures of him with the AJ Moths and any toads still around.
But some moths are too high above his head, so I've taken shots of them alone, closer too. 

This yellow one is Toad in the Hull ....
I know lol duhhhh

And this life size duplicate of Amy Johnsons Gypsy Moth aircraft now hangs in our Rail station, made by prisoners during workshops.
Its incredibly small to have flown so far in!

Hard to see, but it says Fly me to the Moon ...

And Hull's very own 'Dead Bod' corrugated steel sheet, formerly sited on the side of the river, but nw housed as local art, in an art gallery come coffee and food venue in Humber Street.
A bod is the Yorkshire dialect pronunciation of bird ..... : )

Hot chocolate stop : )

Okay, will let you rest and leave some other pics for another post lol