Thursday, 30 May 2013

Bargain rail find ..... and jellies

On the way home today from meeting Jean for a coffee in town 
I spontaneously thought I'd nip into the Age Concern charity shop.
It amuses me since by weekday its a large Age Concern Centre and the charity shop is within it, but having driven past it in the dark hours once on my way home from the cinema....
I realised that by night, it has a couple of ladies of the night patrolling outside its shuttered windows lol
I wonder if they give OAP discount to Age Concern members!!

Anyway the bargain rail was packed and this quilt was folded up on a hanger and priced at £1.50!
It's handmade, hand quilted here and there and has in its day been rather nicely done.
My size 6.5 foot will give you an idea of its size.
(Eagle eyed amongst you might even notice that my big toe which once had a bunion below it ............. 
now sticks up and out like a mini erection ....
proving that the NHS has varying degrees of success on bunion ops!)

There is some stitching coming adrift in the central area and there's batting seeping through in places and you can see the quilting was very hit and miss, but there's very little of it thankfully.

What I've done, already lol, is taken it apart so I can wash the front and back through, discarded the wadding and I will
 try and repair the skew whiff log cabin bits
 then see how best to use it next.
But at £1.50 ......... I couldn't leave it on the bargain rail could I!!

Oh and look what else I bought today ...........
and no, there was no OAP discount on these!!!
(Jean had seen these before, but I had begun to believe she may seen them after much wine consumption LOL)

jellyatrix - OAP jelly 'babies'  

spot the zimmer frame!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Some thing that struck a chord with me.....

"Memories are more than recollected experiences.
They're displacements of ourselves in time and space.
They're events our younger self witnessed and participated in, 
recalled by an older self, who often wonders if he's truly the same person.
They're visions of people we once knew.
And, bewilderingly, we are one of those people."

(from Fault Line by Robert Goddard opening paragraph of Chapter 2)

This resonates with me in so many ways...

We have had two glorious hot, bright days up here in East Yorkshire.
Sheer bliss - though I doubt it will last lol

Monday, 20 May 2013

Chelsea Flower Show - Leather flowers??

No I haven't been lucky enough to go to the Chelsea Flower Show and
they say this is the first time that a display of leather flowers have been featured in one of the gardens!
I bet they'd be wonderful to see in situ too.

If your going, let me know what they are like, in the, er.... leathery flesh will you please?

The swallows have arrived above this East Yorkshire garden, I hope the long arduous flight was worth it for them and we have some warmth for them to glory in.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Finger puppets and family : )

Daughter, grandaughter Evie and son in law with Evie's cousin Jack.

Aint life grand.............!

More bits for the Nursery Rhyme Storysack -

 Finger puppets - 3 little pigs and Wolfy, who has a bushy tail tucked out of sight and also Jack and Jill.
I love my job lol 

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Evie piccy and some finishes ...

spot the cutie lol

I made up a Hickory Dickory Dock activity board,
 to go in a Nursery Rhyme Storysack for use with our hearing impaired children. 
Mousey slides up and down and it's about 13" tall.

Then I found a Consonant Clock, that I marker pen coloured in, cut out
and laminated, sticking it onto thicker card.
I found it on the below link in case your interested.

I got the crochet cushion finished using a felted pink woolly and some old mother of pearl buttons.

and the back ............. 
 once I'd photographed it I could clearly see how out of line one of the buttons was, so I restitched it into line with the other 3 - but then forgot to take a new piccy ............ so this is the before!
Trust me it's fixed now lol
I used cut off, inside seams from the jumper, to form the loops.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Rag Rugging and Ive a grandaughter as of today whoop whoop

My daughter gave birth to her first child Evie last night, both well thank goodness but I've had my mind on her pregnancy and with her being so overdue ............. so no blog posts for a little while sorry!

I missed out on our Embroidery Groups monthly talk today since I was at the hospital with Tylah but please nip to Jeans blog, she went and it was a great tell and show by all accounts.

Id been looking forward to seeing Heathers rag rugging dam it lol wouldn't you know it ~

pop over to and see the fabulous rugs and pictures.

Heathers worth reading up on .......... she's responsible for Rug Aid which teaches blind folks to make rag rugs overseas too .......... take a look and feel free to donate to help them : )