Sunday, 26 May 2013

Some thing that struck a chord with me.....

"Memories are more than recollected experiences.
They're displacements of ourselves in time and space.
They're events our younger self witnessed and participated in, 
recalled by an older self, who often wonders if he's truly the same person.
They're visions of people we once knew.
And, bewilderingly, we are one of those people."

(from Fault Line by Robert Goddard opening paragraph of Chapter 2)

This resonates with me in so many ways...

We have had two glorious hot, bright days up here in East Yorkshire.
Sheer bliss - though I doubt it will last lol


  1. i don't wonder if i'm the same person. i wonder if i'm remembering things as they actually happened. guess i'll never know. it doesn't really matter to me. i'm more interested in what is happening right now, this minute, this second.

  2. That strikes something in me, too, Lyn.
    Enjoy the heat. It's either too hot or too cold here. xo



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