Thursday, 29 October 2009


Now the sumptious ear hugger on the left was knitted up with the delicious yarn given to me by Joan at, a fabby gift Joan, thanks so much!

I love the way simply knitting it in garter stitch, it's formed organic, wavy edges that work well as an ear warmer. Your yarns are indeed beautifully dyed and I heartily recommend them, travelling as they do down from the Isle of Harris.

The tree on the right, is yet another in the series lol but of interest is the circle's wrapping itself. I took apart this lampshade frame and took the fabric cover off but thought it might work as a wrap itself...more recycling! Yeaaaa.....

Fabric used as a shade is often spray stuck, onto a very thin plastic sheeting pattern base, I have found.

This plastic cracks over time, presumably the heat from the bulb hardens it, but in cracking so easily, it makes it easier to peel the fabric from the backing plastic itself.

So this wrap is that particular textured fabric and I do like the tendrils of fraying that have occured as it was worked on. This tree trunk is a mix of different strings and the foliage is another charity shop find............thank you Jean!

It was a good choice you made on my behalf lolol
The tree at the top, which was supposed to have been!..........( is it just ME or does Blogger move pics to suit itself?) ...........well the tree at the top, was a trial and I do quite like the foliage effect.
The yarn Ive used was a 50p car boot buy, a really long, commercially made scarf that I bought to take apart for the yarn to use with my embellisher. It washed up nicely and though it took alot of effort to take it apart and I didnt have such long lengths in the end, I do like the colours very much.......its acrylic, not magnificent wool like Joans yarn, in my ear hugger.
My local charity shop has been keeping me lampshades that are too grubby to sell, and I give them a donation for them which is cheaper than buying them from a craft supplier and is of course, recycling at its best. Im hoping they will have some square ones, I particuarly like those to work on.
Ive gathered in a good stash of them now..........and realise I should have done them in seasons, they'd work well in a group of 4.spring/summer/autumn and winter. Im working on a snowy winter one now, and I think it would be work as a xmas decoration as well as an all year wall hanging. Funny how these things evolve!
Im having grandson Jack on saturday, our very own Jack in a box, boxes being his favourite toy at the moment. He sits in them lol so I have brought an enormous one home from work for him to use as a den.............yes, all 14 months of him lol
He has learnt to frown, but only with one eyebrow so far and he's using this mobile eyebrow at every opportunity, its SO funny to see!
His Mum, Kelly has taught him to 'high five' as he passes you, he casually puts his hand up for you to pat and say 'high five' to him lol To which he simply says 'hmm' and plods on.
If he happens to be at the other side of the room and gets the urge to high five us, he raises his hand and we are supposed to chase over and high five him!
If we dont of course, we get the frowny eyebrow lol...................He's a joy!

Well it is almost Halloween, so heres a pic of my former boss John Cheetham.
Now working out in Gibralter. No honestly, it is my former boss!

He dresses up as Frankenstien and looks pretty realistic I think you will agree!
When he lived in Pickering, he would dress up and attend the Goth weekends in Whitby and collect money for charitable groups. He is about 6'2" anyway so with the built up boots and the additional height of the 'sit on' forehead and wiggy thing...........he cuts an awe inspiring figure doesnt he!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Ivy patterns on walls..........fascinating.......... having pulled off some ivy, I am left with these striking patterns and cant bring myself to oevrpaint them.........they are a natural pattern afterall.

And beach huts dont you just love their colours? These were taken last month in Scarborough and have been there for years, over looking the beach.
The autumn is upon us here in UK now. Trees leaves are changing colour and there are shades of yellows, golds, burgundy's, oranges, browns and faded greens you can only dream about recreating. It is such a wonderful sight to see and so far we still have plenty of leaves still on the trees, but soon enough the winds will pull them off the branches and they will lay on the ground like an Axminster carpet of assorted colours!
Shops here are awash with Halloween gear, its a real 'thing' over here now of course, when once I used to see it in the States and bring bits back from there. Now we too have the vast assortment of accessories, costumes and paraphanalia you can buy to use for the Trick or Treat night.
But so too, are the Christmas cards in stores, ready for the commercial festivities, which is so close now! And here in UK, postal strikes loom so maybe this year, cards will lose out to emails!
Wouldn't it be nice if we all kept in touch throughout the year and then instead of sending Christmas cards and feeding that great ecconomic, commercial rollercoaster, we donated the money we would have spent, to ActionAid or something equally worthwhile?
My daughters popped in, so will close for now and catch up tomorrow maybe. :)

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

So here's an assortment of pics and the most delish is of course my son and his son!
Jack was a joy to watch that particular morning, larking about with his Dad.
Hard to believe that Mitchell was once that small!
The odd shaped tree above, was to prove that I could use any shape lampshade lol though it took a while to take out all the vertical struts on this shaped one, tho red wine helped :) The spider is a removeable feature, but I had a halloweeny notion that he might suit the foliage, comments welcome!
The Dream one is almost finished, as too is the turq one above it.
Ive made quite afew more pins too, having 4 fairs looming this month and next month, means I have had to speed up my output abit. Thing is I cant make repeats, I get bored by that idea and I have to make what my Creative Gene wants to make, so none of what I make may be seasonal or saleable but hey ho.............I enjoy the creating, so if they sell, they sell, if they don't, they don't.

Jack is now 15 months and chock full of mischief as you can see from the piccy lol
Eagle eyed amongst you will see the kitchen ceiling has a hole in it and there is a strategically placed huge green container for when it rains....
Mitchell has been going to get round to fixing his kitchen ceiling, since this time last year I think it was............... well, he's SO busy you know? lol