Sunday, 18 October 2009

Ivy patterns on walls..........fascinating.......... having pulled off some ivy, I am left with these striking patterns and cant bring myself to oevrpaint them.........they are a natural pattern afterall.

And beach huts dont you just love their colours? These were taken last month in Scarborough and have been there for years, over looking the beach.
The autumn is upon us here in UK now. Trees leaves are changing colour and there are shades of yellows, golds, burgundy's, oranges, browns and faded greens you can only dream about recreating. It is such a wonderful sight to see and so far we still have plenty of leaves still on the trees, but soon enough the winds will pull them off the branches and they will lay on the ground like an Axminster carpet of assorted colours!
Shops here are awash with Halloween gear, its a real 'thing' over here now of course, when once I used to see it in the States and bring bits back from there. Now we too have the vast assortment of accessories, costumes and paraphanalia you can buy to use for the Trick or Treat night.
But so too, are the Christmas cards in stores, ready for the commercial festivities, which is so close now! And here in UK, postal strikes loom so maybe this year, cards will lose out to emails!
Wouldn't it be nice if we all kept in touch throughout the year and then instead of sending Christmas cards and feeding that great ecconomic, commercial rollercoaster, we donated the money we would have spent, to ActionAid or something equally worthwhile?
My daughters popped in, so will close for now and catch up tomorrow maybe. :)

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  1. Hello, just wanted to pop by and say thanks for the lovely message you left on my blog today (my other blog!). Seeing your beach huts cheered me - thanks!

    Carolyn Saxby



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