Friday, 17 November 2017

More catch up pics

Back in September I went to the Yarndale up in Skipton and here are afew of the wonderful things I saw there : ) 

Love these nicely hand wound 100% wool, 50p each so had to buy some of course lol

 Saw this vintage row counter gadget but resisted it 

This was such an interesting stall with so many nostalgic items on it, forgive me but I cannot recall the stalls name. Mum used to use one of those beehive wool holders way back in the 1960s. Lovely to see that they are still around!

Now these guys are all divine! Needle felted fantasticals by Heartfelt Dogs 

Whilst admiring this unicorn below, a lady stood alongside told me her daughters believed for years that they were real creatures.
When very young children they'd had holiday staying on a farm that had newly born foals there.
The foals had whorls of hair on their forehead and the farmer told the children, that was where the horn would grow and they would become magical unicorns lol
I loved that! 
Do any of you have this change of colour happening on your blog posts? Its driving me crazy and has only started since the last laptop update grrrr

This would be a good way to use bits from the scrap bag surely?
Loved the colours.

  Some of the yarnbombing outside the Auctionmart where Yarndale is held.

This is pal Chris to give yiu an idea how large this circle of crochet is LOL
14' across I believe they said!

 I bought Sue Stratford's bird book for our stitch club library, love the little weaver bird like nest with resident blue tit!

And here are needle felting and rug hooking in tandem with a padded former for the head, giving it depth. Wonderful!

Cute little .... needlecase I think with pockets, so guess you could sue it for embroidery scissors. Again a natty idea for scraps perhaps.

These chaps are also needle felted by Ruth Packham - you have to love that owl on the top right lol

Really like the idea of hooking hexi shapes like below, this aldy uses wool rather than fabric for this hooking method.
Readicut brought up to date : )

Oh and we had a crack at crochet with a huge hook - Chris was not that impressed lol

So that's caught up with some more pictures, will give you breathing space before I load any more lol
Am making a ahhhhhhhhhh this colour changing every time I write a sentence is beyond belief!
It comes out green and now red!
Anyone would think I'm an advocate for the LBGT!
I give up for now <<<<<<< see what I mean!

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Sooooo its November!!

Let's pretend its NOT November and about 50 or so days to Christmas okay?
AND let's pretend its not been 3 months since my last post - please  ----
My bloggery mojo went walkabout and I had a stressed brain but a lethargic mindset!
That and grandchild minding which wore me out body and soul but was fun to be fair!
How soon will it be before we can get batteries for us oldies to give is more oomph when we need it?

Hilly was struck with the lethargy too and it continues every evening, but she is content none the less, as long as she can lay beside me on the settee : )

I popped into a vintage charity shop a month or so back and saw these -
the books were hollowed out with a central square 'shelf' inside.
I think they must have glued all the pages together so the cut out inner square was like a hidey hole when the book was closed.
They had hung the books on the wall which I kind of liked.
They had placed a small ornament in each book - now why didn't I have the sense to take a photo of that inner bit?
You may well ask!

 There's something charming about pretty crockery displayed like these isn't there?

During September I had the opportunity to meet up with Dasha whose blogs I have followed for some years now.

Dasha assists others in making Linus Quilts over in Australia and she is just as lovely and as fun as I'd expected her to be. David and herself were journeying around Yorkshire and kindly stopped off in Hull so we could meet up, which thrilled me no end.
They weren't here long enough to show them many of the more interesting places in Hull but we had a great opportunity to chat and do a little bit of touristing together thankfully.

We had Tracy Chevalier come to our stitchy club and give us a talk about how she and some quilty friends, set about recreating a copy of the wonderful quilt apparently made by the Bronte Sisters.
It had been displayed at the Haworth Parsonage but sadly not until after Dasha and David visited - sorry Dasha!

Tracy copied the original quilt as much as she could and was given exclusive access to it to take measurements without touching it!

Notice how she even photocopied onto fabric the newsprint in those areas where the original fabrics has worn away and shown the papers which had been left in - for added warmth no doubt.
Now that to me was such a wonderful homage to the original.

There's more info here if your interested.
And in time this quilt will go to the Parsonage and be held there for visitors to see and admire quite rightly.

 Tracy also made the 'tribute' to sciatica after a painful bout of it herself and don't you think she pegged it perfectly LOL
She also made the cat which I adored but perhaps the most poignant is the Three Flowers below,  ( I think that was what she had called it).
Those of you who know about the Bronte's, will have seen the painting done by Bramwell, where he painted himself out?
Well the flowers are Tracy's further homage to the Bronte Sisters - brought tears to my eyes looking at it and knowing the story of their lives. I'm sure Tracy said the wild flowers were found on the moors so again, a perfect tribute don't you think.

Image result for branwell bronte painting of sisters

And talking about cats, that same day one Paula Bell, of our club members showed us this which she had made ........... stunning!

I made this tabard for work with all the torso organs on/off it in September. 

At Scrapstore I acquired some denim dungarees and skirts and am using them in various ways, but slowly as the whim takes me lol
One bib topped skirt went through a complete design adaptation.
At first I hoped to use part of the bib as a flap fastening but the bag didn't hang right off the shoulder, so now using one strap, I've used the suspender like fastening ..
It has loud cotton fabric lining and several sized inner pockets, the fabric was from Scrapstore too.

                              Version 1 

And lastly version 2 lol

Right that's me almost caught up ... for now!