Thursday, 9 February 2017

Bunged up and fed up ...

Yes, am bunged up - nasally not innards! 
 - and am now fed up at being so.
The right side of my nose has been blocked for weeks, the cough and head-achey cold that so many have had and cant shake off, but its so tiring and I'm fed up of it now!

Anyways that aside I've not been too prolific but ....
I got annoyed so much with myself that I couldn't find the Janie Crowfoot crochet pattern Mystical Lanterns
- which is tucked safely away here at home somewhere -
I bought another copy!
Its a lovely shaped module, although here they are blocked out flatter: when you stitch them they go all skew whiff and I doubted they'd ever stitch together correctly lol
I am going to make a cushion with these wool oddments anyway.

This building is next to where I work and I find it really odd lol ....
its the Language Unit where children go who need help to speak properly! That's its buildings name!

Oh and I made a silly little pin cushion out of some narrow strips of acrylic felt, but it could be a good quick make idea for children.
I saw somewhere - strips of felt had running stitches along their length and they were then strung on xmas trees like garlands of pop corn.
Although they still looked like slightly gathered strips of felt to me lol

So I ran stitches along narrow felt lengths and pulled them into a coil, then stitched it all together then backed it with some scrap leather.
It wont win any prizes but it is easy enough to make.

And of course if you made enough you could stitch them altogether
and make a natty plate mat, table runner or penny rug!

Oh and I have to confess - I'm worried in case its my age ...
Have you seen Tom Hardy in his role in Taboo?
Swooon ...........................even though he's a terrible character!
I have always loved those long black maxi coats, maybe that's the appeal...

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