Saturday, 3 August 2013

Brain freeze ......

Apologies are in order! ......... I've been so blessed pre-occupied I've fallen short of posting : (

The fact is that someone finally decided to make an offer on my house so I've been chasing around looking at other homes with a view to buy.
I have now found a place so with fingers crossed I'm hoping that my sale and the new purchase goes through lol

And thinking positively, I've begun packing and sorting and de-cluttering, which is both exhausting and distressing! 
All those bits that I've kept to 'use one day', but haven't gotten round to using? 
- well, do I keep them or do I donate them to the local art college or the charity shop?
Decisions, decisions..........

But I'm downsizing from a 3 bed very roomy house, to a smaller 2 bed with a boarded out loft ( that had formerly had a train layout in it!)

Well now, I'm two thirds through the craft gear and yes, I've donated  a lot to the art college for the students there to sift through.
 I've donated clothes and kids toys to the charity shop, I've taken some bits to Scrapstore and I've thinned down my magazine stash too.

Mind you I can't part with my CPS or QA's - no - nor some of the Greencraft and Patchwork mags that I received in swaps with Mary Anne.

 Then there's my craft books, they all now fill a lot of Asda's wonderful plastic canvas 39p carriers bags, lots of them.
And my paperbacks, mostly bought for very little at car boot stalls or charity shops and almost all yet to be read..........they too are in Asda bags lol

Of course now I've to box up the rest of my day to day gear........... I'm still going to need a pantec vehicle to move it all! Even if the sale falls through, at least I will have thinned down my stuff I suppose!

Now I need to ask a question but it may be that I'm just being thick lol

IF Google reader is now, not there any more - right?
How come when I log onto ....................... all the  blogs that I follow are still there?
I'd forgotten, again, to log in to Bloglovn and yet there all the blogs I follow are still on my why have we all added Bloglovn etc for folks to continue to follow us?
Am I missing something simple here or did Google Reader not die? lol

My stitching has taken a back seat somewhat and my daughter, with baby Evie and her hubby, are moving in with me and my packed boxes next week too! 
So I'm not going to be getting much done for the next 3 weeks or so either!
They are also on the move and are with me until their new house is all sorted out or until I myself move - I never do things the easy way me ... lol