Thursday, 26 May 2016

I'm back ..

I hadn't realised how long it had been since I did a post, doesn't time pass you by, when your brain is dulled and your mood plummets!
Honestly I feel like a piece of aged and worn fabric, one that has areas of wear that have thinned down and are shot through in several places lol
And I haven't the energy or interest in darning myself together!

Well maybe I have, because I'm here at last and for that I must thank Nanette - who sent me a packet of really pretty fabric scraps with bright and cheerful flowers on and its spurred me back into making up some circle blocks and a few hearts too. I cant thank you enough Nanette : )

Anyway I have made a few things at work if not at home. Although I have pottered in the garden now and then, weeded, painted  a fence or two and cut back the daffs and tulips. Nothing too mentally strenuous but outside in the air, with the occasional sun, enough at least to boost my vitamin D and bring the freckles out - so I may look a little healthier than I feel!

This simple storyboard is for a child with special needs, but I realise now I haven't taken pictures of the cow, horse, old man and woman  that I made duhhh

The lower jaw of the fox moves up and down to 'snap' closed.
The tactile digestion system below is for a Topic Box.
I saw on Pinterest a knitted version but for our VI children, we need different textures for each organ.
That way with an explanatory Braille Key they can identify which organ, is which.
So there's a leather tongue, felt oesophagus and stomach, a Velcro accepting fabric gall bladder, a commercial knitted liver and different textured fine knit pancreas, a lengthy cotton fabric small intestine then a hand knitted large intestine/appendix and a silky fabric rectum.
And they pay me to make these things lol

Popped into Central Library last week and there was a small exhibition on and I quite liked these two collages, which are simply small pieces of torn paper. I do like the effects you can get with such a simple technique.

Okay that's all for now, I need to sleep and recharge my brain batteries.
It's May Bank Holiday weekend and school half term so I have next week off and hope to haul myself up out of the doldrums.
I'll be back : )
Take care all ...