Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Grow Your Blog Party and I've been squeezed in after all : )

Vicki the lovely lady who organises the Grow Your Blog Party has slotted me onto the list, after I must have fallen through a crack in the system ~

... so thankfully I can now party fully!  

I may be coming later than expected to the party  - but I'm here and waving Hello from a chilly East Yorkshire, UK.

Vicki's blog is a feast, do go find her beautiful textile nests and most recently her luscious knitted hats and the full list of the blogs taking part in this years event will be found here ~

If you've popped in from the GYB list then I'm thrilled you felt inclined to drop by and if you already do pop in here from time to time,
then welcome back : )

 I work 3 days a week making tactile and Brailled resources for visually impaired children. I took flexible retirement last year and really enjoy having more time for myself and the grandchildren. In fact I am considering dropping to term time from april so I can have even more time to myself.

A Topic Box stone circle model and a
fastening waistcoat for a disabled child
Once upon a time I was an RAF Air Load Master, loading VC10 aircraft and flying world wide but after marriage and then bringing up 2 children alone, I have fallen quite happily into being an old biddy,
with 2 cats and 1 dog and can please myself which craft
to faff with and when!
I also did about 20 years or so of cat rescue and this is the first time in many years, I've only had 2 cats lol
Isn't it amazing how helpful cats can be?
Some of my current stitching ~
This below is my first 'rosette' in Katja Murak's BOM which is currently cutting up an obsessive storm and well worth taking a look at.
There is a Facebook New Hexagon Millefiori group page,
 go on I dare you, take a look!
Katja's book The New Hexagon has full sized patterns for most of the 3" hexi blocks needed to make each months rosette shape, through 2015.
So all you need is to buy the book and the BOM details are all provided free for you to follow along with.
My final round of hexi blocks is slightly different to the January pattern, but that's a flaw in my Creative Gene, I rarely ever follow a pattern exactly!
Impatient to start on the February rosette which won't be released till Feb 1st, I started another batch of blocks which will no doubt slot in somewhere in the making of this quilt.
some birdie pennants
and one of my stitch trees which use recycled materials throughout.
Well the thread used for the stitching is newly bought lol
Anyway am sure you are impatient to be off cyber travelling,
so if you'd like to enter my Giveaway to celebrate the GYB Party,
please leave me a comment and make sure I can contact you by email, in case your name comes out of the draw hat!
Given that it's a great long list of blogs to visit I will draw the winners name on Feb 14th, so everyone has a chance to enter.
If the winner is from the UK then I will send them a couple of US magazines and if the winner is from elsewhere, then I will send you a couple of lovely British stitchy magazines.
Like this ~
147 cover
Thank you for popping in, please do come back!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The laptop is back and the Grow Your Blog party has started ~

Well I was so keen to pick the laptop up today, having finally got the car back from the garage yesterday afternoon after its' damned repair too, because I wanted to chase home and write my GYB blog post : )

So imagine my disappointment to see that my blog is not included in this years GYB Party listings after all!
I can hardly promote myself as being a part of it, when in fact I'm not lol 
Despite my having emailed Vicki as soon as she had asked for entrants last year, it looks as if I have been missed off.
It is a huge undertaking that she organises each year with such good heart and mistakes must happen now and then, so I've just been unlucky this year.
Ridiculously I now feel at a loss and a bit foolish for apologising ahead of time, for not posting exactly on the 26th! lol now how silly is that lol

Anyway for those of you out there who will surely be interested,
please do nip across to Vicki's 26th January post on her really delightful blog and see the great long list of wonderful blogs and go blog hopping around, at your leisure.
It's a list that will remain up for a year, so you have plenty of time to travel round the world reading blogs and meeting new folks as you travel the cyber airwaves : )

 I had intended doing a 'hello this is me and what I do' post, but those of you that pop in now and then already know that, so forgive me, I won't bore you by repeating anything just now.
I'm going to go and lick my wounds lol - and struggle some more with fabric selections for my Millefiori rosettes.

Katja Muraks Facebook group page now has well over 1200 members! It's reassuring to know there are others worldwide driving themselves daft trying to decide which fabrics to place where - so I don't feel so alone!

Enjoy yourselves folks ~ Lyn

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Grow Your Blog 2015 ~

Hi there :)

Am waving from East Yorkshire in the UK - see?
Life has thrown me a couple of curve balls and I am not going to be able to write my GYB blog post properly until Wednesday evening which is later than the 26th January deadline!
But I didn't want anyone to look in on the 26th and think I wasn't going to be posting at all!

The cars gone in for repair and I didn't have it on Friday to drive across town that day,
to collect my laptop off our works IT guys,
who were trying to get my printer driver to load properly for me and I was planning to pick it up on the Friday.

So I bussed into town Saturday morning to buy myself an IPad, which is what I'm now using but -
LOL  - I have yet to learn how to use the darned thing - properly -
And - I need to suss out how to move pictures from one place to another, from memory stick/laptop to IPad SO -
to save my sanity I'm going to wait to get my laptop back so I can do a decent and colourful GYB post!
My blog is rated - get this lol - 1211378th in the UK - so in an effort to creep a little higher up that foodchain HA!
Can I sweetheart you to pop back in to this blog midweek PLEASE? lol
I will be offering a giveaway but you'll need to drop in later to see what that is :)
So please pop back !

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Millifiore update - it could easily become an obsession ~

This is my rosette in making ~ not alot of progress you might think?

and with a bit of computer magic it looks fantastic!

I have to say, this is great fun to do and Katja Marek must be so thrilled, since the Facebook group page she set up to give those of us following this block a month activity a 'voice', now has over 670 members and its proving to be a delightfully supportive group.
We can ask questions and seek advice and get feedback from not only Katja herself, but any of the members logged in at the time!
The dozens of pictures posted showing what we are all
making are amazing!
It's worth looking in on the group page to see what folks are doing, even if you don't want to join in with us!
Just search on FB for this group and take a peek : )
The New Hexagon - Millefiore Quilt-Along
The 'rosette' above is made up of smaller hexi shaped blocks, which themselves are made up of an assortment of other shapes, and they are fun to make  - BUT .......
the actual fabric selection process is nothing short of masochism lol
well for me!!

I am on the third round above and have yet to stitch in the remaining 6 hexi blocks, in the gaps.
I have stitched several different versions and to give you an idea see below : )

......... and I don't think I'm going to use any of those inserted lol
After this post, I will be back to the fabric auditioning,
with a stiff G&T to help calm my stress levels!
And how about this acquisition to practise my fussy cutting on?
Although, no, its going in this rosette!

I nipped into our local Scrapstore last Saturday and the only thing I came away with was this charming item - I couldn't leave it there unloved. It's beautifully stitched too.

Oh I have had to buy a climbing frame - for the cat I rehomed -
hooligan youth that he is!
He assumed it as his territory as soon as it was constructed too.

Spooky eyes lol
Note the absent door behind?
My son was going to fit one for me, I have been in this house
now 14 months and there's still no door lol
Kids gawd love em ...

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Here lies fascinating madness ~ and Grow Your Blog 2015 will start soon

I am hooked with yet more fabric patchwork hexagon blocks.
like I need any more hexis in my life lol
but there's always going to room for more!
Katje Murak's book The New Hexagon has 30+ small hexi block patterns and her free 2015 BOM is proving popular, with a 400+ member group on Facebook alone.

It's a joy to see the fabrics used by so many folks to make their own versions of Katje's rosettes.
It's all quite easy EPP but the fussy cutting of fabric can make me a bit crazy and as far as mirror image cutting goes, I suspect that could be beyond me - although if I find the right fabric, who knows!
All may not be lost.

Here's the central fabric I used -

and fabric 'auditioning' which always sounds so pompous to me lol

I had a bit of help cutting out today - sigh -
he really doesn't like to be ignored at times -

when his patience ran out he started grappling with templates
and fabrics and was unceremoniously turfed off the table,
not once but three times!

All too soon my 2 weeks or so off work is over and its back to the business of paid employ again this next week.
Tomorrow is my granddaughter day which can be more tiring than going to work, but is much more satisfying, despite not being paid lol

I wish you all health and happiness for this coming year and am so thrilled if any of you pop in and comment from time to time.
I try and answer all comments and know myself that although I don't always comment, I always read the blogs I follow and try and keep up with what's going on in your lives.
Blogging is such a lovely way to share ideas, interests and every day joys and often to have a proper chuckle over things.

I will be taking part in the Grow Your Blog Hop later this month
on the 25th, which is run by Vicki from the wonderful blog
There will be links to ALOT of blogs you might like to take your time and browse through and you are bound to find some that take your fancy I'm sure!