Saturday, 24 January 2015

Grow Your Blog 2015 ~

Hi there :)

Am waving from East Yorkshire in the UK - see?
Life has thrown me a couple of curve balls and I am not going to be able to write my GYB blog post properly until Wednesday evening which is later than the 26th January deadline!
But I didn't want anyone to look in on the 26th and think I wasn't going to be posting at all!

The cars gone in for repair and I didn't have it on Friday to drive across town that day,
to collect my laptop off our works IT guys,
who were trying to get my printer driver to load properly for me and I was planning to pick it up on the Friday.

So I bussed into town Saturday morning to buy myself an IPad, which is what I'm now using but -
LOL  - I have yet to learn how to use the darned thing - properly -
And - I need to suss out how to move pictures from one place to another, from memory stick/laptop to IPad SO -
to save my sanity I'm going to wait to get my laptop back so I can do a decent and colourful GYB post!
My blog is rated - get this lol - 1211378th in the UK - so in an effort to creep a little higher up that foodchain HA!
Can I sweetheart you to pop back in to this blog midweek PLEASE? lol
I will be offering a giveaway but you'll need to drop in later to see what that is :)
So please pop back !


  1. Hi Lyn, I hope you get lots of views and followers- you deserve it. How did you check your national rating? Good luck in the GYB 2015 party

  2. Hey Lyn. What a bummer about your laptop. And how on earth did you work out where your blog is rated? Don't look at those figures - you write a great post (when you have your laptop LOL)

  3. I still have no idea how to use my Galaxy tablet, and I've had it for You seem to be doing much better with your Ipad.
    Will be back mid-week. Look forward to seeing your GYB plans

  4. I published my post on the 24th 'cause my internet connection was coming and going. Be back midweek to visit you.