Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Grow Your Blog Party and I've been squeezed in after all : )

Vicki the lovely lady who organises the Grow Your Blog Party has slotted me onto the list, after I must have fallen through a crack in the system ~

... so thankfully I can now party fully!  

I may be coming later than expected to the party  - but I'm here and waving Hello from a chilly East Yorkshire, UK.

Vicki's blog is a feast, do go find her beautiful textile nests and most recently her luscious knitted hats and the full list of the blogs taking part in this years event will be found here ~

If you've popped in from the GYB list then I'm thrilled you felt inclined to drop by and if you already do pop in here from time to time,
then welcome back : )

 I work 3 days a week making tactile and Brailled resources for visually impaired children. I took flexible retirement last year and really enjoy having more time for myself and the grandchildren. In fact I am considering dropping to term time from april so I can have even more time to myself.

A Topic Box stone circle model and a
fastening waistcoat for a disabled child
Once upon a time I was an RAF Air Load Master, loading VC10 aircraft and flying world wide but after marriage and then bringing up 2 children alone, I have fallen quite happily into being an old biddy,
with 2 cats and 1 dog and can please myself which craft
to faff with and when!
I also did about 20 years or so of cat rescue and this is the first time in many years, I've only had 2 cats lol
Isn't it amazing how helpful cats can be?
Some of my current stitching ~
This below is my first 'rosette' in Katja Murak's BOM which is currently cutting up an obsessive storm and well worth taking a look at.
There is a Facebook New Hexagon Millefiori group page,
 go on I dare you, take a look!
Katja's book The New Hexagon has full sized patterns for most of the 3" hexi blocks needed to make each months rosette shape, through 2015.
So all you need is to buy the book and the BOM details are all provided free for you to follow along with.
My final round of hexi blocks is slightly different to the January pattern, but that's a flaw in my Creative Gene, I rarely ever follow a pattern exactly!
Impatient to start on the February rosette which won't be released till Feb 1st, I started another batch of blocks which will no doubt slot in somewhere in the making of this quilt.
some birdie pennants
and one of my stitch trees which use recycled materials throughout.
Well the thread used for the stitching is newly bought lol
Anyway am sure you are impatient to be off cyber travelling,
so if you'd like to enter my Giveaway to celebrate the GYB Party,
please leave me a comment and make sure I can contact you by email, in case your name comes out of the draw hat!
Given that it's a great long list of blogs to visit I will draw the winners name on Feb 14th, so everyone has a chance to enter.
If the winner is from the UK then I will send them a couple of US magazines and if the winner is from elsewhere, then I will send you a couple of lovely British stitchy magazines.
Like this ~
147 cover
Thank you for popping in, please do come back!


  1. Vicki is the best, isn't she?
    I've been reading your blog for a long time, so maybe I "met" you at a previous Grow Your Blog Party? Anyway, always nice to see your stitchy - and other - creations, and I think that's a very clever giveaway idea! :)

  2. people tell me i'm into everything....but they haven't been here. you sure do get a lot accomplished. your cat picture made me smile....that is so sweet.

  3. I am sooooo happy to see you at the party Lyn-big hugs to you-count me in for the giveaway-I was so happy to have found you as my friend from last year's party

  4. Old biddy? You? I don't think so!!!!! So glad you were able to come and play after all. Glad to see one of your incredible trees again.

  5. Your blog looks like a fun place to visit. I love to see pictures of cats too. Ours is a funny one and into mischief all the time.

  6. Hello, so glad you got into the party, and I was able to find your blog! I signed up to follow you. I LOVE that picture of your cat in the sewing machine -- makes me laugh and reminds me of the cat we used to have. She was very helpful, too! I am from the USA, and would LOVE a couple British magazines!

  7. Hi Lyn,
    I take it that you have your computer back? I had not seen your bird pennants or tree stitcheries before- lovely. Have a successful GYB party!

  8. Great to see you've got included Lyn

  9. I'm glad you were able to be added to the party list! I love your bird banners--so lovely!

  10. Hi Lyn - I've been following you for a while but it's good to learn more about you!

  11. Greetings from Canada! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your kind words. Those chickens sure have garnered a lot of memories and attention! It is very nice to meet you. You do lovely work. You must have lots of patience! I am now following too.

  12. Nice to meet you. I'm visiting via GYB from St. John's, NL Canada. Your work is lovely especially the tree above! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Hi Lyn, I visit regularly, but it's great to see new stuff.....your birdie banners and that tree is wonderful. I have some "helpful cat" pictures too, if only they knew they're not really that helpful, especially when little paws dart around the sewing machine. Thanks for offering a give-away, but please don't put me in the draw, postage to Oz is a bit excessive, and I probably have enough magazines. Enjoy the party!

  14. Hi Lyn, I enjoyed looking around your blog and was especially interested in the things you do for the blind and handicapped children. The rock box is cool. I used to have cats and while they often got in the way of my handwork I never had one lay in my sewing machine. That is pretty funny! Enjoy the blog party. Susan

  15. Visiting from the GYB hop. Glad you made it! I'd love to see the British stitching magazines. Thank you for being part of the hop!

  16. I love all your projects...(I'm a hexie obsessive! lol). My goodness your early working life sounds fascinating and what you do now is so important. Our local Sunshine Linus group have diversified from making quilts for critically ill children, to include weighted vests and quilts for autistic students and 'touch and feely' quilts for dementia patients. I'll send my friend from that group the link to look at what you make for the visually impaired children.
    Your kitty looks so much like my Eduardo :-)

  17. Hello Lyn! Nice to meet you and thank you for visiting me at my blog! Love all your projects and I hope you are keeping nice and warm in all this cold weather! :) xx

  18. Hi Lyn, So pleased to find you here. Love all your hexies and that gorgeous tree. What a fun giveaway too, would be delighted to win.

  19. Hi Lynn Great to see you in the blog hop party - love your colourful projects

  20. Loving seeing your cat helping you out with your sewing...cats are just so 'handy' at times aren't they?!

  21. Hello Lyn! Just popped by to thank you for visiting my blog Preferablyprim today!
    I appreciate your visit and came over to say hello! I am so impressed by those hexagonal quilting pieces! You are one busy crafter !
    I hope to pop by again so I ve become a follower and hope you come by again too! You're most welcome!