Monday, 9 February 2015

Measuring stuff : )

GYB info is in the previous post if your looking for that!

You know that adage about measuring twice and cutting only once?
Well, measuring ahead of time might help on occasion too!
I wanted some raised bed planters made and walked into the local wood yard, sort off t he cuff, since I was passing with buggy and granddaughter at the time, to ask what kind of price they would be.
Common sense would have suggested 4' x 18" ish but no,
I asked for 6' x2', thinking maybe, they'd fit anyway.
Common sense might have suggested I wait till I got home to measure the space properly too.
Anyway, no common sense went with me that day, so I ordered and paid for 4 of them.
So imagine my surprise when they delivered these!
 LOL 6' x 3' - and I'd asked for 4 of them but not this wide! 
So these have sat out back for almost 2 weeks, though the cats have climbed over, round and through them, and have had fun on them at least! 
Fortunately, chummy who made them, dropped by today to cut them down to the correct width for me, he had he said, had a senior moment.
Well, I know all about them! Two thirds the width might well fit but I need a bloody mortgage for the earth to fill them all now!

Looking in a charity shop the other day I turned round to see this!
The fact that it was made from a real cats fur makes my skin crawl.
Some poor animal was skinned to produce this piece of tourist trash.

I finally got round to making some of these egg muffins and will be making them many times more! Even Evie at 20 months likes them.
I saw the idea on Facebook and although I didn't write down the recipe, I managed to recreate them well enough.
Lovely eaten warm and actually just as tasty cold!

I put some chopped up bits of ham, a few fine slithers of leeks and 4 chic peas in each muffin case. Then poured in whisked up, seasoned eggs with a little milk. Baked for 15-20 mins on 200 degrees.
They'd work just as well with a bit of cooked broccoli and a little grated cheese in them too I reckon. Light lunches made easy : )

Nipped into the bank in town the other day and looked briefly out of one window and was quite taken aback by the opposite building. The upper storey isn't occupied by the looks of it, but the combination of bright blue sky, the ramshackled-ness of the building and yet its evident past grandeur, the old street lamp and that enthusiastic buddleia plant atop on the right - just struck me as intriguing. 

Talking about the GYB Party, I have been making my way slowly round the blogs on the list and this year I cannot believe how many blogs haven't even done a GYB blog post at all!
They have signed up to take part but then not done a blog post, to take part! A bit sad when you consider how much work goes into organising the event.
Anyway I hope those of you that have taken a stroll round the blogs have enjoyed the jaunt!
: )


  1. love that you made those egg muffins. i haven't gotten to it yet but encouraging to hear it was a success. i had a 4' x 8' raised bed built for me a couple of years ago but i must admit that i don't like gardening as much as i used to and not sure if i will do it this year....maybe just some flowers. oh and maybe some cucumbers....see that's how it starts and then i get tired of it.

  2. Hello Lyn! Good luck with filling your garden troughs! Like the look of those muffins! :) xx

  3. A rather expensive cat climbing apparatus? Nice!! Your kitties must really love you. (btw - re the not finding GYB posts - be sure you scroll down on the blogs to find the posts - some people have made numerous posts since then and the GYB one tends to get buried).

  4. Hello! good to see you back with a newsy post. Love your senior moments story, good thing chummy realised and came to fix things. I bought some corrugated tin raised beds, then had the same oh oh moment about filling them. Then I read somewhere about layering other things first....cardboard, sticks and twigs, grass clippings if you have them or raked up leaves would work, I put my kitchen scraps in for about a week, layered more grass clippings, I shovelled up all the ready composted stuff out front in my gutter from leaves and silt left from water rushing through, I added big handfuls of comfrey leaves, some shredded paper, sprinkled sheep poo pellets, and just kept adding stuff as I could. Oh and soil from the chook pen. It was nearly full so I tipped in a bag of cheap potting mix and 2 of organic soil. All filled! I'm just leaving to sink and settle then will plant up in a few weeks, still a bit hot.
    I agree, sad to see people not posting for GYB. I haven't even started looking yet, have been kept busy just replying to visitors and checking out their blogs. Ok that'll do, now that I've hi-jacked your blog lol

  5. good morning-I managed to get through 90% of the blogs the first day and was amazed too how many did not post. I was also surprised at the participation this year-as many very lovely blogs had so few visitors or comments on their party post.
    I have lots of those senior moments now -lol once filled you will actually love your raised beds being nice and deep-great for tomatoes etc. If you have access to those stryofoam packing peanuts-they make excellent drainage-could put lots of them on the bottoms, and would save money for filling them up and is good for the plants-as the roots go right down into them have a good week

  6. Those raised planters have lots of potential. I hope they end up fitting your space well - they look to be a useful size.

  7. Hiya, just dropping in to let you know that you're a winner of my little giveaway! If you drop me an email ( with your address I'll try and get it in the post next weekend!

    Rae x

  8. the raised garden beds looks so wonderful. When you start to fill them you might
    think about putting a ton of pine cones if they are around in the bottom third to take up some of the depth and you will still have drainage...just a thought. I do that or use rocks to put in the bottom of deep planters outdoors.