Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Rosette 2 is growing and nearing completion : )

This was in a charity shop last weekend and I meant to post it, it made me chuckle. It has press studs at the bottom so whether its a hot water bottle cover or for tucking nightwear away in, I have no idea.
Cute though.
Today was wonderfully sunny, so I took my last of this years, leave days and nipped into town to the library and onto B&Q for more bags of soil for the planters.
A couple more hours in the back garden, in the balmy sun, was just delightful. I was easier on my back this time, I sued the sack trolley I had hidden in the shed lol
The shed whose door is falling apart so it seems silly to still use the padlock but hopefully any thief wont notice that only the top hinge works!

After picking up the series 4 (dvds) of Boardwalk Empire to watch, I nipped into the nearby charity shop that gathers together all the stitchy and yarny stuff from the rest of their Hull charity shops.
Bad move every time I go in really.
However at a £1 each, how can you not bring them home?

Okay Bloggers playing silly buggers and has skew whiffed my picture but you get the idea am sure lol Cracking condition books at a £1 each!

Anyway here's the last round on rosette 2, almost complete. Only 4 more blocks to add, 2 on the left and 2 on the top right.

I have not heard from Sarah who won the draw yet and she doesn't appear to have a blog but in the unlikely event she doesn't get back to me by March ~ I may have to do a second draw!
Fingers crossed she logs in soon since I don't want her to lose out.

Last Saturday was our stitchy club meet and Alice Fox gave us a talk about her work, most of it was complied from her period as Spurn Point Resident Artist. To me her best work is the rust dyed fabrics, much of which was strapped to the rusty metal on the groins on the beach!
They were battered by 2 tides a day for 2/3 week periods, in between her visits to the lighthouse which was her base whilst there.

Club members had items for display on the stage and this cushion was made by our Chairwoman from one of those upholstery sample packs that hang on a coat hangery thing?
You tend to get half a metre of one fabric and several smaller pieces attached, perhaps you've seen them. 
 I really liked it.
Made by (Margaret Wright)


  1. Gardening is a long way off here (yesterday it was - 23 degrees celcius with a windchill making it feel like - 35). Great haul of books - stood sideways so I could read the titles.

  2. I want to know, did you buy the cow thing, or just take it's picture.... lol I like rust dyeing too and have a picture somewhere of an art journal cover I made once. Someone suggested on GYB I add gallery pages to my blog to show what I've made....could do! Pleased to see in your last post that you made a good start on your veggie gardens, but disappointed no picture. Guess you were too wiped out? Know that feeling, have been in the garden all morning preparing for big storms meant to come through as the tail end of a tropical low which might become a cyclone. Everything neat, tied down and chooks wet weather shelter up, emergency kit checked and all good, so I'm ready...sore and stiff, but ready :)

  3. What a weird thingy you found in that op shop! Love the way that Alice rusted her fabrics. I wonder if the treatment it got will cause the fabric to disintegrate more quickly than if it was normally died.

  4. great find with the books and I have a couple of those, I used to allot of rust dyeing-it is allot of fun and always a surprise is revealed loving your hexagons too
    have a good week

  5. Wow... I love the rust dyed fabric... the colors are so wonderfully earthy.
    xo Donni

  6. Love the rust dyed fabric and I really love your second Millefiori rosette. It looks fabulous!