Saturday, 21 February 2015

Rosette 2 is finished

Well I still haven't heard from the GYB winner and I remembered that this happened last year. That winner didn't get in touch till about 3 weeks later and when I did post her giveaway gift, I didn't get acknowledgement that she'd received it lol I had to email her several weeks after that!

Sarah doesn't appear to have a blog but does have hundreds of blogs she follows, so goodness only knows when she might read my blog again lol
She did leave an email which is what I have used to contact her - so why do I feel guilty that she's not been in touch? duhh

Rosette 2 is now completed - yeahhh - I'm SO enjoying making these, that's kind of sad though isn't it?
I should really maybe be having a fulfilling relationship with a guy at my time of life, but no, here I am, making out with fabrics lol
The bonus is probably that I don't have to wash anyone's skid marked pants or share my bottles of wine!

There's about a week to go before the March block is released and I'm really looking forward to seeing what it is.
This darned BOM has spoilt me for doing any other stitching mind you, despite having other UFOs in progress.
If I get this cover completed, I am seriously considering having it quilted by a long arm professional, so it stands a chance at looking good.
I have no idea how much that is likely to cost, does anyone have any idea how much folk charge on average?

The raised beds are coming on - here's 2 of them. I need to cut back the tarpaulin sheets yet of course, blues not really my colour! - and the other 2 beds are to the left and behind where I was standing.
Harvey thinks the raised beds are for him to tiddle in mind you .... lol


  1. Lol, you crack me up. I don't have to share my wine either 😃

  2. can't wait to see what will grow in your raised beds. no guy here either and i'm as happy as a lark....especially with all the stories i hear from those with a guy.

  3. your raised beds are looking awesome and so are your hexagons-don't feel guilty at all-I usually state in my post for giveaway that they have either 24 or 48 hours to contact me and if they do not then I draw another name. especially since you have contacted the winner with no response I would move on and pick another name. no reason for you to have to fret over it-after all you are the giver-hugs

  4. I absolutely love your hexagons the colors are so rich and vibrant.

  5. Lyn, I don't know how you do it, but it's lovely -- color placement must take some time? I love the magenta and yellow together. Happy gardening! Have you seen those spikey plastic panels to place on the soil to keep cats out? But then you'd always have to work around them and that wouldn't be fun....