Saturday, 28 February 2015

GYB Winner take 2 !

Okay so since the original GYB winner still hasn't answered my email Jack and I drew another winner today and that turned out to be Nanette!
In this case number 13 was lucky!
I have emailed you Nanette : )

I picked Jack up from school yesterday and this plant took my eye in the school grounds, does anyone recognise what it is please?  the stems had a bamboo look to them but then I have never seen these seed heads on a bamboo?

I think I may have a kidney stone again, had one years ago and I appear to have the same pain again, along with a lower groin pain too. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could just flush the damned things out with wine, or dissolve them with gin ~ sigh  lol


  1. sorry about the pain-that would be nice to dissolve with a little wine or something

  2. did you pick up some of the seeds for this plant? i wonder what the flower was like.... sorry about the pain. i've had kidney stones and that's no fun. hope it turns out to be something simple that will go away.

  3. Kidney pain is the pits, I like the idea of flushing them with something that tastes good, and zonks you out for a while too.

    *Squeal* thankyou Jack for picking my name, I'm so excited to be the new winner. I have a grandson named Jack as well, special boys are our Jacks :)

    I'll email you Lyn.

  4. I think that might be an achillea (yarrow).
    Do hope it's not another kidney stone. You could try the 'gin dissolving stone' will be fun trying, at least.

  5. It looks like bronze fennel and there are sure to be small seedlings appearing all around before too long as it is a prolific self seeder!

  6. Oh dear - not a miserable kidney stone -

  7. Have a look at Cornus. I think it may be that. The stems are either red or yellow according to the variety. I cut mine back to about 6" every Spring and when new shoots emerge they are a bright color. On second thoughts if it has seed heads I would go with Hazeltwig and say Bronze Fennel. A nice plant but can seed everywhere and a bit of a thug!