Monday, 16 February 2015

A GYB draw winner! A day late mind you ~

It's half term school break and today instead of having Evie, I have Jack for the day to play, and as you can see Harvey is in playful mood too.

I love the reinstated 50s door, although it needs a repaint and I have yet to put the safety film on the delightful fishing boat patterned glass. The original door handles don't exactly 'go' now the house is decorate differently, so I might try and wrap them in fabric scraps rather than replace them. Afew scraps of fabric and some Mod Podge dhould do the trick there.
In fact since its sat in the garage for over a year, the wood has swelled so I have to wait until its dried itself out in the hope it reduces slightly. If not, it will need some sanding down so its closes properly.
Oh and  .....
I had an email from Rae today ( ) telling me that my name luckily came out of the draw hat,with 2 others, for the GYB draw  - and besides being thrilled
~ I realised I had forgotten to do my own draw!
( these senior moments are coming thick and fast lol)

SO, since Jack is here, I have asked him to pick a number between 1 and 21, the number of comments on my GYB post.
His first choice was 21 - sometimes so like his Dad - LOL
so on his second try ...
FANFARE ......
Jack said Number 6 and that is Sarah ~
and she had said

Sarah29 January 2015 at 02:43
Hello, so glad you got into the party, and I was able to find your blog! I signed up to follow you. I LOVE that picture of your cat in the sewing machine -- makes me laugh and reminds me of the cat we used to have. She was very helpful, too! I am from the USA, and would LOVE a couple British magazines!

Am emailing you Sarah : )
Rosette number 2 is taking shape and I have cracked the fussy cutting technique I think on this one. I have some outer blocks cut and ready to stitch on each side but thought I would show the so far stage anyway.
This one is for the bottom right corner of the finished quilt and the two sticky out blocks at the bottom show how the quilts edges will be finished off.
If you don't look too closely at the Y seam joins its not that bad lol This is definitely going to be my learning curve of piecing!
surprisingly several folks are making these up by machine using invisible threads, masking tape and weeny, weeny, zig zag stitching from the front.
I'd like to give it a try, but later, not now Ive started in hand stitch.
I spent all day yesterday setting in position the newly chopped down to 6' x2' raised beds out back and they look okay thankfully. I raised 3 of them up on a layer of bricks, ( need more bricks ) and got 2 of them tarpaulin lined, then third filled with shredded paper and cardboard pieces.
I had to dig up several plants and move them and just hope they all forgive me and continue to grow!
Mind you today, I ache everywhichwhere!!
I am so unfit! But then lugging the raised beds, 60 litre bags of soil, trolley loads of bricks about the garden and digging plants out from claggy, wet clay didn't help lol
I went to bed after a bath, lathered in Volterol - this ageing lark has its downside! In a way I'm only amazed I can still stand upright, had best try walking shortly I think!
Many thanks to Vicki of for hosting the GYB event and thank you to those of you that have decided to tag along with me on the blog.
I welcome comments and answer all that have email contact and love to natter away by email in between blogs too.
And thank you especially to those of you that have stuck with me on the blog before!
I admire your resolve for punishment lol but really do like having you drop by from time to time : )
I found one miniature Iris flowering in the back garden and I cant tell you thrilled I was to find it! The promise of Spring - I hope!
Keep well and warm all ~


  1. You have lots of interesting things going on - inside and out. I'm trying not to think about the garden yet... :)

  2. i think your cat must have been in the circus in a past life....i love seeing the antics. congrats to Sarah. i have double narcissus blooming in my, yes, Spring is on its way.

  3. Gosh you are working hard in the garden. Mike is outside pruning the gooseberries and roses and I'm staying warm inside. The weather seems to be improving though so I may get out there during the week.
    Congratulations to Sarah on her win too.

  4. Handsome little fella you've got there.... and the kitty too *wink* I have never had a cat walk across the top of a door before... everything else yes.. door no. I have seven cats... eiy-eiy-eiy.... not a crazy cat lady yet, but getting there lol
    big hugs!

  5. Jack is going to break some hearts when he is older!
    BTW love seeing the hare piece in a frame :)

  6. Your new Millefiori block is fabulous! Love the colours you've used and the fussy cuts are great.
    That Harvey - what a great cat! I've never had a cat that gets on top of doors!

  7. Awww - such a cute little man! I can see spending the day with him would be such fun. We get to go and play with our grandbaby tomorrow night - can't wait!! Your latest rosette is intriguing - looks like a lot of work!!