Friday, 27 February 2015

Vintage puppets

Nipped into a charity shop today and there was a box of 'vintage' handmade puppets for £30 - no I resisted lol
But they were so funny, well some of them!
They were mostly (painted) fabric heads, over what felt like paper mache shapes.

But at the bottom of the box were these two that really were charming - even Big Ears's dented nose was kind of cute lol
I think the lady puppet is probably one of the Gerry Anderson characters.


  1. oh how i wish i still had the puppets that i made when i was teaching grade school.....all given away years ago.

  2. The puppets are fun... you don't see them much nowadays! Brings back childhood memories! :) xx

  3. You did well to resist them Lyn :-)

  4. I remember making ones similar to this when I was in public school - we used paper mache formed over light bulbs (which were broken and removed after the mache set).