Sunday, 1 March 2015

Meant to show you -

I have had to remake a storysack for work, based on the book
'Owl Babies'
 - I love that book, so its been no hardship!
When our Service was split up, several resources mysteriously disappeared or failed to be returned, and we are 4 storysacks adrift,
so I am remaking them.

I have gathered in owl info, night time animals and owl books, made up Owl Babies related word cards and made a large print version of the story book. I shall braille the words too next week.
I made up plushie owls for the sack and also 2D owls to Velcro on/off  the pages of the large print version.

 Oh and whilst researching about owl pellets, as you do, and it's fascinating what's in them you know!
Well I found this aide memoir to identifying what teeth you might find in the pellets - along with skulls and other small mammal bones -
cough -
and I couldn't help but think that there's a quilting pattern in these somewhere! ( If I could only machine quilt ~)

The great 'Comic Relief' event of the year is almost upon us, where we donate to our hearts content to the Comic Relief charity.
This year the idea is to do something funny to your face for Comic Relief
and Evie got into the spirit of things today with her lunch lol


  1. Hello Lyn! Love your owls! I used to read this story to my three children and I used to have to substitute their names instead of the three owls' names each time..... don't remember what the owls were called now.... it was a long time ago! :) x

  2. Your parliament of owls are very cute - nice and tactile. Best of all though is that sweet little grubby girl!!

  3. I've not heard of story sacks before. What a great idea. Is it for a library story time or school?