Monday, 30 March 2015

Work stuff, cats and grandkids!

Well no, this cute cushion was in a charity shop and took my eye, though I didn't buy it, but I did think it was a fun pattern idea.

Now first there was this mod roc'd balloon ~ at work

which became this turnip, though it does look like an oversized raddish really!

Our 'The Enormous Turnip' storysack had gone missing, though it never did have a big turnip in it, so I decided to remake it for work.
A teacher from one of the special schools had wanted to use the story and had wanted the book itself recreated differently, to how I normally make them.
So after some discussion, I made up a Velcro A3 board and some on/off characters to use on the board.
I also made up a zig zaggy board book, with the same characters, so the teacher could read the story from the back, whilst showing the kids the characters on the front pages - if you understand what I mean?

Anyway its been flight tested by the teacher now and has come back in and was successful by all accounts. The Velcro board and on/off characters are the most successful method of teaching our special needs kids we have found. But equally, its a fun method to sue with any child I have found.
I made up laminated word cards too for use with other children that will use the storysack later in time. Plus I put in various copies of the commercial book for children whose sight is reasonable.

I also made up a tactile book to include in our Stone Age topic box, this is the style I generally am asked to make up.

I bought one of those long tubes for the cats to play in...

Harvey dicing with death here ... Hilly cat within ...

yup.........there followed some fisticuffs lol

So Harvey took himself off to hide ..

Today was a joyful day with both Evie AND Jack to look after, on the same day - suffice to say I am on my third glass of wine now they have gone home!

Each adores the other, devoted cousins both. He is enthralled that she understands him and she simply idolises him!

Okay I will read to you Evie ...

just love the way she tucked her legs under his lol

Are you sure that's what it says Jack?

This is harder than I thought it was going to be Nannie!

Then ... she was determined his pants went on this way ... lol


  1. you are such a great resource for the special needs kids....and how wonderful that Jack and Evie play so well delightful to see.

  2. The children are almost an image of their are gorgeous. A busy day for you, I can imagine. Bet the wine went down well :)

    What a good idea to enable the teacher to read while the child enjoys the pictures

  3. Harvey is such a handsome guy and your grandchildren are so sweet! The first two pictures of Jack reading to Evie are adorable. She clearly adores her cousin!

  4. Lyn, so adorable and so great they can play together -- I mean the kids but I guess it could apply to the cats too! :) The books you make are genius.

  5. You really are amazing! Those learning tools are brilliant. I especially love your enormous turnip but the board and books are great too. I think it's wonderful that you make a whole range to accommodate such a variety of needs and make the story so widely accessible. And your grandchildren are just adorable :)