Saturday, 7 March 2015

Bargain wool

You know sometimes, just sometimes, I do something daft .....
no really, I do!
So there was I, week after week seeing ALOT of cones of what looks much like Shetland wool in a charity shop.
First they were £1.50 each,
then a £1 each and none of them got sold,
perhaps because they were oddly wound.
There are 2 colours, 2 shades of brown and a cream, but wound half n half on each cone, no idea why.

I guessed they would felt up after knitting but wasn't going to pay a £1 a cone, although in truth they were worth that and more. So I just looked at them each week.

Then off the cuff, I asked the manager how many of those cones there were and would she maybe take 50p each cone, if I bought them all?
Not really expecting that she'd agree you know?
Cough ... cough ....
39 cones ......................... yes 39!

So of course I bought them all, and having crocheted a hexi shape, it does soften up nicely when washed and felts up too, thankfully! 


  1. Thirty nine?? You made the deal without counting them? What if she'd had a ton more in the back and trotted them out after you agreed to buy them all? Daft?....not at all. Ahem.

  2. Wow! Enough wool to string from Leeds to London. LOL. Next question - what the heck are you intending to do with it??

  3. oh was a deal but 39 cones. what will you do with all of them. you might have your own sale.

  4. Hello Lyn! Always nice to get a bargain! Have fun making something with your wool! :) x

  5. oh wowawesome find! I always snatch up wool yarn when I see it at the thrift store-lucky you-that is strange with the two colors-they must have had a project in mind to do that

  6. Ummm *laughing hard* it still a bargain if there'e 39 of them? Good for you not backing out, all for a good cause. Can't wait to see what you make.

  7. Wow--you can't beat a bargain like that! Happy crocheting!!

  8. Daft? On my that brings back memories!!! I can hear my grandmother right now.... "Oh dinny be daft hen" lol

    I always buy thing in bulk whenever I can... it is cheaper... but then you end up with a bazillion of the same thing lol
    big hugs,

  9. 39 cones - oh well, it was a bargain and who can resist a bargain? There is a liquidator near me and they have cones of good quality polyester thread and they cost $1 which is roughly 50p BUT right now everything is 50% off so that makes them 50 cents each (25p). What a bargain! I think I have about 39 cones of thread! It is odd that your wool is half and half. Wonder why they did that!

  10. Amazing bargain. Wonder what you will make - it will keep you busy all year. We never find sewing supplies at our charity shops