Sunday, 22 March 2015

Loopy Linnet hare

I treated myself for Mothers Day to a Loopy Linnet hare picky.
Her delicious artworks pop up on Facebook quite frequently but I'm invariably too late for buy one but I struck lucky this time : )

I went to the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) yesterday with our stitchy club, by coach. It's sad to say, that although I found fabric to buy - big surprise eh - I took not one single photograph!
Now the NEC are hot on you not taking pictures but there was nothing that inspired me to sneak one none the less.
And, it was a much reduced show all round I thought.
Mind you Doughty's fabrics were selling Kafe Fassat fabrics at only £8 a metre, so naturally I had to buy some for the millefiori rosettes!
AND I didn't even buy a book, which is unheard of, me going to a show and not buying a book - but then there was only one book stall to speak of anyway.
Spring seems to be upon us here, after an impressive Solar Eclipse, our Spring has made entrance and today was warm, bright and sunny.
In fact I spent most of today in the garden, filling the raised beds with soil and tidying up generally.
My apologies to those of you with snow : ( 

Last week we had grey days mind you ~

She's behind you!!

Phew! that was close ............


  1. ha....great cat images. my friend also bought Kaffe Fassett fabric for the rosettes and the one she bought was called millefiori.

  2. Aw, geez - when I first saw that post title I thought it said 'Loopy Linnet here' and I promptly had thoughts of whatever you could have gotten yourself into - highly relieved to discover I'd read it wrong!! Sounds like your foray to the show is similar to my experience the past couple of times I went to the one in Toronto. The last time I went the entire thing was in half the space and within that space the vendors themselves were drastically reduced. I really thought that people selling frou-frou frying pans and shoe orthotics had no place at a needlework show either. It's just not worth driving all those miles to see virtually nothing of interest.

  3. Love your hare, I'm always drawn to pictures, stitcheries of hares, but haven't treated myself. Must feel good to have warm spring days and gardening to do...same here, opposite season :)

  4. Hello Lyn! What a lovely Mother's Day gift to treat yourself to! It is a shame that the NEC show was a bit of a disappointment for you... I'm off to a show in London next weekend... hope that it isn't the same! :) xx

  5. You should be on Instagram.. they would go wild for that cat photo:D

  6. Love the hare. I've never heard of Loopy LInnet but will have to take a look at her work.
    Love the pictures of the critters (especially the first one)!

  7. Love the hare print. I am so glad you weren't too impressed with the show. I had been planning to go but was just too tired after all my comings and goings up the M6 recently. I would have been too tempted to spend lots too. A bit of a disappointment though for you.

  8. The photo -- she's behind you -- is fabulous!

    And congrats on giving yourself the hare print, I clicked to make it bigger and it's wonderful!