Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The laptop is back and the Grow Your Blog party has started ~

Well I was so keen to pick the laptop up today, having finally got the car back from the garage yesterday afternoon after its' damned repair too, because I wanted to chase home and write my GYB blog post : )

So imagine my disappointment to see that my blog is not included in this years GYB Party listings after all!
I can hardly promote myself as being a part of it, when in fact I'm not lol 
Despite my having emailed Vicki as soon as she had asked for entrants last year, it looks as if I have been missed off.
It is a huge undertaking that she organises each year with such good heart and mistakes must happen now and then, so I've just been unlucky this year.
Ridiculously I now feel at a loss and a bit foolish for apologising ahead of time, for not posting exactly on the 26th! lol now how silly is that lol

Anyway for those of you out there who will surely be interested,
please do nip across to Vicki's 26th January post on her really delightful blog and see the great long list of wonderful blogs and go blog hopping around, at your leisure.
It's a list that will remain up for a year, so you have plenty of time to travel round the world reading blogs and meeting new folks as you travel the cyber airwaves : )

 I had intended doing a 'hello this is me and what I do' post, but those of you that pop in now and then already know that, so forgive me, I won't bore you by repeating anything just now.
I'm going to go and lick my wounds lol - and struggle some more with fabric selections for my Millefiori rosettes.

Katja Muraks Facebook group page now has well over 1200 members! It's reassuring to know there are others worldwide driving themselves daft trying to decide which fabrics to place where - so I don't feel so alone!

Enjoy yourselves folks ~ Lyn


  1. Hi Lyn so happy you that you got your computer back-hugs-enjoy the party!

  2. I'm pretty sure I saw you on the list on Sunday -- you may have been deleted if one of Vickie's helper's stopped by and didn't find a GYB post. Maybe you can ask to be put back on? I'm glad to hear your computer issues are taken care of--what we go through for our little machines!

  3. I would suspect that because your blog post didn't show up on the correct day that it might be the reason your blog doesn't currently show on the list. If you go to Vicki's post I think there's a way to let her know and it's possible she or one of her helpers will be able to add you back in. It's worth trying anyway!

  4. Sorry you missed out. Thought I saw you on the list but I guess not.

  5. Lyn, if you go visit a heap of blogs at the GYB party link up, you will get quite a few people come visit you, and perhaps even a few new followers. The worst that will happen is that you will find a few blogs you want to follow ;-)