Friday, 17 November 2017

More catch up pics

Back in September I went to the Yarndale up in Skipton and here are afew of the wonderful things I saw there : ) 

Love these nicely hand wound 100% wool, 50p each so had to buy some of course lol

 Saw this vintage row counter gadget but resisted it 

This was such an interesting stall with so many nostalgic items on it, forgive me but I cannot recall the stalls name. Mum used to use one of those beehive wool holders way back in the 1960s. Lovely to see that they are still around!

Now these guys are all divine! Needle felted fantasticals by Heartfelt Dogs 

Whilst admiring this unicorn below, a lady stood alongside told me her daughters believed for years that they were real creatures.
When very young children they'd had holiday staying on a farm that had newly born foals there.
The foals had whorls of hair on their forehead and the farmer told the children, that was where the horn would grow and they would become magical unicorns lol
I loved that! 
Do any of you have this change of colour happening on your blog posts? Its driving me crazy and has only started since the last laptop update grrrr

This would be a good way to use bits from the scrap bag surely?
Loved the colours.

  Some of the yarnbombing outside the Auctionmart where Yarndale is held.

This is pal Chris to give yiu an idea how large this circle of crochet is LOL
14' across I believe they said!

 I bought Sue Stratford's bird book for our stitch club library, love the little weaver bird like nest with resident blue tit!

And here are needle felting and rug hooking in tandem with a padded former for the head, giving it depth. Wonderful!

Cute little .... needlecase I think with pockets, so guess you could sue it for embroidery scissors. Again a natty idea for scraps perhaps.

These chaps are also needle felted by Ruth Packham - you have to love that owl on the top right lol

Really like the idea of hooking hexi shapes like below, this aldy uses wool rather than fabric for this hooking method.
Readicut brought up to date : )

Oh and we had a crack at crochet with a huge hook - Chris was not that impressed lol

So that's caught up with some more pictures, will give you breathing space before I load any more lol
Am making a ahhhhhhhhhh this colour changing every time I write a sentence is beyond belief!
It comes out green and now red!
Anyone would think I'm an advocate for the LBGT!
I give up for now <<<<<<< see what I mean!


  1. Smashing post Lin. Loved the Yarndale photos. One day I’ll make it there. Loved the needlefelted animals and birds too. I’m tempted to try my hand at it but fear I’ll never be good at anything if I don’t stick to what I’ve done most. Now I’m trying my hand at embroidery. Still Knitting and crocheting too.

  2. What fun! I love the two little critters on the wooden blocks.

  3. So wish I still lived up there and able to go. Never mind will be at Knit & Stitch next week instead.

  4. This looks like a fun day out, so much to see and do. lucky you having a wool festival nearby. Love those needle felted kiwi birds. What are you going to make with the pretty balls of wool?

  5. I keep thinking Yarndale looks like fine, though I'm not a knitter. Those balls of wool in the first picture could persuade me though!

  6. Wow - talk about a place that is like candyland! The needle felted creatures are fascinating (esp. the unicorn). Love the row counter thingie too - never seen such a thing.