Monday, 12 March 2018

March? March!!

Well, what can I say except ..... its blummin March and this year
no longer last year! 

Happy New Year folks LOL

Here's a run down on what I've been making at work recently, there was much more but mostly duplicates of what I've shown on here before, but these are new.
The delightful little book 'Where's My Hug'

I bought a copy for myself since the illustrations were originally made with textiles and stitching and i have a small collection of books where textiles have featured.
My 4 year old granddaughter loves it as much as I do which is fun.
So I made a tactile book for work too  and here's a look see -
Tania Neasby is a talented textile artist who makes delightful pictures with textiles, often nursery rhyme like scenes, do look her up and this story is really charming.
You can see it pan out on the link Ive given above.

Then I was asked to make a story back board for the various books about Percy the Park Keeper which was fun.

This is mainly for use with hearing impaired children so it didn't need to be tactile so much and all the picture parts are on/off items to encourage story telling by the child him/her self.

I also had to make up a storysack based on the book Dachy's Deaf

As my daughter and I sat down in the cinema one evening 
( The Greatest Showman - just wonderful!)
 a text came through from my grandson on my phone
just as I was about to turn it off.

'Nannie I need to make a gallows with a hanging man for school.'

You know, as you do when you've had Crime & Punishment as the topic of the term lol
So I gathered the bits and he made the gallows with his Dad,
who held the nails whilst Jack wielded the hammer -
sore thumb and fingers later the gallows was built!
He made the man at mine the next week lol 

Okay that's a catch up of sorts, I realise I've missed shed loads of what I've done out, but am sure most of it wasn't worth mentioning anyway!
I went to see an open art exhibition today and must show you a trio of quilts I saw but not this post, need to get the pics off my phone first
Will be back later this week with another catch up : )

Take care all!


  1. Lovely to see you back again with all your news......had to pick myself up off the floor though *laughs* but good to see all is well with you, if rather busy. Did you make the dinosaur and friends softies, they're wonderful! And what fun to get a text asking for help to make a gallows!!

  2. As always your talent with story interpretation in fabric is amazing. Your talent even runs to making gallows and hanged men (or at least the man part of the equation). Good thing you weren't on the receiving end of the hammer!

  3. Love the book. Wondered what you had been doing recently.

  4. You are soooo creative. I love the hands on fabric books-wonderful Happy March

  5. Lyn! I've been missing you -- see you are still making amazing textile projects. I can't believe how much little Jack has grown! Love that you blogged, I'm about to break my inertia as well. xx

  6. It's always fun to see the amazing things you make for work, and nice to find you back at the blog too.