Tuesday, 6 October 2009

So here's an assortment of pics and the most delish is of course my son and his son!
Jack was a joy to watch that particular morning, larking about with his Dad.
Hard to believe that Mitchell was once that small!
The odd shaped tree above, was to prove that I could use any shape lampshade lol though it took a while to take out all the vertical struts on this shaped one, tho red wine helped :) The spider is a removeable feature, but I had a halloweeny notion that he might suit the foliage, comments welcome!
The Dream one is almost finished, as too is the turq one above it.
Ive made quite afew more pins too, having 4 fairs looming this month and next month, means I have had to speed up my output abit. Thing is I cant make repeats, I get bored by that idea and I have to make what my Creative Gene wants to make, so none of what I make may be seasonal or saleable but hey ho.............I enjoy the creating, so if they sell, they sell, if they don't, they don't.

Jack is now 15 months and chock full of mischief as you can see from the piccy lol
Eagle eyed amongst you will see the kitchen ceiling has a hole in it and there is a strategically placed huge green container for when it rains....
Mitchell has been going to get round to fixing his kitchen ceiling, since this time last year I think it was............... well, he's SO busy you know? lol

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