Friday, 25 September 2009

Little and Large fabric trees

Little and Large fabric trees...... the larger one is about 15" diameter and the smallest is about 5". Ive attached the letters LOVE on the larger one. I have made afew more featuring words on them, will take some pics of them too. These have become an out and out obsession, my ambition is to flood the world with fantasy trees, they can hang alongsode all those Dream catchers out there! (Well, it keeps me off street corners lets face it...)
The green one was a trial one really. I found this unusually tactile velvet on heavyweight voile, old fashioned long skirt and wondered if it might work as foliage. Not sure it has really, it seems very Gothic but I dont dislike it exactly... think the fabric would work better as foliage on the ground, ruched up and manipulated, theres plenty left so will play with it later!
Short and sweet this evening, Creative Gene is tapping away in my am off in search of the right length of driftwood, amongst my stash of wierdy shaped pieces.......going to try and dye it a daft colour.............well why not!

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