Thursday, 3 September 2009

More trees but still not Autumnal

So here's the latest trees and both made using more unusual 'up cycled' bases.
The one on the right is made on a rusty, squished wire band that I found on a village road. Presumably it had once bound something firmly, but there it lay, abandoned at the side of the road, all warmly rusty.
It caught my eye and I could 'see' the tree it should sad is that!
The one above on the left, was what? Any ideas?
OK before you lose the will to live, it was a lampshade ring again, but someone had turfed it out and presumably bent it together, maybe so it would fit in the rubbish skip.... where I saw it. Its an elliptical shape now and both ends curve forwards slightly, which I quite like the effect of. I fabric wrapped that ring but chose to leave the rusty binding as it was. I particularly liked the flattened out knot, at the bottom left of it.
I like rusty things anyway and when I go beach combing, always come back with interesting rusty odd n ends .........that mostly are sat sitting, out in the garden.
Its my very own 'rusty still life' lol
I may well do a Martin Waters and box frame them in an interesting assemblage yet. Though one circular-ish shaped rusty thing is so heavy...........yet fab the way its disguised itself, it may be too heavy to use in a frame. Infact I do wonder if it could be a heavily encrusted hand best leave it where it lays, just in case!
I have made a few stump work Ladybirds to place beneath some of the trees, after seeing hundreds of them the other morning on the Humber river foreshore, when I was looking for blue sea glass shards. They were everywhichplace! The Ladybirds that is, not blue sea glass shards..........I found very few of those..
But I have now found a haven for sea glass on a stretch of foreshore I don't normally beach comb on, but will in future! The Humber is tidal of course and at this point, I suspect there may have been an old Victorian dump site nearby way back when, because an awful lot of what I picked up was old glass pieces. Like the necks of old poison bottles that kind of glass?
So not much blue to show for the hour or so combing but a big bag of all shades of aquamarine, turquoise and green, so a great haul! And though the wind there was almost gale force, I came home thoroughly wind blown and freckly but feeling healthy!
I'm reading an interesting little book at the moment by Mitch Absalom, For One More Day. The central character gets to spend a day with his mom, who is dead.
Like, hes been gifted an additional day to spend with her, though shes long gone?
Its really made me think.
What would I want to say to my Mum, my Dad or my ex husband Paul, who have passed away, if I had the chance to spend a day with them? What would I hope they might say to me even?
Its an intriguing thought isn't it.....
He wrote The Five People You Meet in Heaven which was also a thought provoking little book. These are not religeous tales by any means, but he somehow manages to enable you confront death in a different way.
I noticed yesterday that the housemartins are still here but think the swallows have gone already, locally at least. Im not at all surprised though. The nights are pulling in, now noticeably darker by 7.30/8pm and nights are chillier. Even the spiders are coming 'in house' at night, a sure sign that Autumns fast approaching.
The leaves on trees are turning amber and yellow and the high winds we've had this past week have thinned many off the branches already.
Oxfam have Christmas cards in now too...............sheesh!

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