Monday, 17 August 2009

Just noticed that the previous entry shows the completed 'tree' not to the side, as my narrative says.......instead its the bottom matter where I opt to place pics, this blog seems to put them where the hell of likes..
So here are my latest little somethings, and they are great fun to make, no idea if they will sell but who cares, when they are fun to make! I found about 16 more old teacups last sunday, some well over a 100 years old too.
Short and sweet today but please do look at Martin makes artwork out of what is washed up on shore at the simply wonderful, and barren, Spurn Point here in East Yorkshire. It is a spit of land that has the north sea on one side and the marshland Humber river estuary on the other side.
What Martin does with stray dummies, rubber gloves, plastic labels, old shoes and other discarded rubbish is mind boggling. It is also a shameful comment on our habits and wastage, to see so much of our junk on one place and know that it has washed up on our shores.
I went along on saturday to see his latest local exhibition at the Beverly Art Gallery and it is well worth going to see his work. Martin was artist in residence on Spurn in 2007 and his website shows many of the works of art he made on the beaches, on the wartime concrete bunkers and using what was around him at the time.
I love the sand crop-circle-come amonite!
So inspired was I, that this evening I went river foreshore beachcombing...
I now have a(nother) big bag of sea glass, odd bits of broken and sea washed crockery and rusty bits of this space lol

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