Monday, 3 August 2009

Car Booty

I live round the corner to a large car boot venue. After all the years of cat rescue, where we had a regular sunday car boot stall to raise funds, its very hard to stay away from them lol ...........some of you may suffer from the same syndrome.
Mostly I go to buy my fruit and veg for the following week and cruise past the plant stall to see what he has to offer. This week 2 x 3' high Rosemary bushes, at £2 each! Bargain!

But yesterday I went specifically in search of old fashioned china tea cups, so I could make pin cushions/paper weights in them. This is not my original idea, see for example, and there are some for sale on Etsy for instance, but I just love the notion of using odd china cups for a re-purpose.
So off I went, fully expecting that I would find nothing at all, since isn't that often the way, when your looking for particular things, there's none to be found?
But such bliss!
I paid very little for my haul and came home thrilled to bits with my goodies.
I even found a china tea cup for a man with a moustache, well...... or a lady with one for that matter!
That has to be a treasure in the making, that one!

I found a sweet little night light, probably from about the 1970s/80s for a £1.00 to use when grandson Jack stays here and then I stumbled on the cutest little cloth doll, sat on a stool, with sewing in her hand.............for 20p........I could not leave her in the box amongst the broken crockery and dead spiders... well you know how it is don't you....

She now sits on the kitchen window sill, so she can watch the clematis as it blooms outside.....
So the tea cups are washed and now I'm in planning mode, deciding what fabrics to use, what colours to opt for, will I use lace, velvets, is so full of decisions to be made, at least are thoroughly enjoyable ones!
I also paid 20p for a drum that had tears in its stretched velum, but it has yielded 3 large rings, one of 2" wide wood, one of half inch width metal and one very narrow width they will be very useful.
And not only was it a profitable morning ambling round, but the sun bathed us all in it's glory whilst a slight breeze kept it from being uncomfortable.............delightful!

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