Thursday, 13 August 2009

Trees 'growing'

One tree, here to the left completed, and two others in progress but skew whiff........ I forgot to adjust the blessed pics before I saved them! And several shapes, fabric wrapped ready to become more trees!
Am not too sure about the red and black leafery does need trimming and shaping but may need another branch in there. Though I was thinking of hanging a 'something' within that obvious space between the branches..... just not sure what it will be yet.
The completed tree has had strips of fabric tied into position, the other two I stitched strips into place, using invisible thread. I have a sea scene in mind for one of these shapes but am still fathoming how to put the sea in place to my liking. But, I now have so many ideas on this theme, I may have to give up work to get the half of them made!
I watched the Kim Cattrell ( Sex in the City) in the 'Who Do You Think You Are' tv prog last night and it was very sad. Her Grandfather had left her Grandmother, her Mum aged about 8 and her 2 sisters in 1939 and simply disappeared. They lived in abject poverty and never ever knew where their Dad had gone.
The programme showed that he took off, stowed away to New York, where they sensibly sent him right back home to the UK! Then he married again, bigamously and had several children by this unsuspecting woman who years later he dragged off to Australia on the £10 emigration scheme. It was very sympathetically done since the family in Oz hadnt known that a bigamous marriage had occurred, which must have been upsetting for them lets face it. But it was a closure at long last for Kims 70+ yr old mum and two sisters, leaving them angry but an explanation at last. Though seeing photos of their Dad on the beach with his other children and knowing they had no such loving childhood memories in their lives must have been a hard thing to come to terms with.
My own Dad's Mum, had put him to bed one night when he was about 8, and his sister about 3 years old. Their father was on night shift at the pit and by the time he came home in the early hours, he found both kids sat on the stairs crying because their mother had left the house and them......... Dad never talked much about it but I know it caused him and my Aunt, much pain. My Grandad had wrapped both kids up in blankets and clothing, raised my Aunt onto his shoulders and walked them the 5/6 miles to his own mothers home, where they then went to live by all accounts.
It seems their Mum had run away with a musician, so you have to wonder don't you, was it bravery to walk away like that leave your children behind?
I am tracing my family tree, with much, much help from my great pal Mary over there in Perth, Australia, so will now have to see if my Granma also went on to marry bigamously!
Okay............. a glass of red wine and back to my trees!


  1. I have just seen your trees for the first time. I think they are gorgeous.

  2. Thankyou, must admit they are fun to make and can be as challenging as Im in the mood to make them... so perfect therapy!