Thursday, 13 August 2009

Summer and swallows

So okay, its not exactly Hampton Court, but its a reasonable size for a terraced house, town garden. I have to say this is not Fergus's best angle as he plods up the garden... but my horses head looks okay sat, sitting there, like a gigantic chess piece. I bought him for £25 several years ago, from the local tip, in the days you were allowed to buy bits of 'rubbish' that folk had brought in.

The head is normally in my living room and yes, it takes 3 of us to lift him - but when the wreckers came in and gutted my home through.....after the floods...he went outdoors and I have left him there for at least the summer. I watched the swallows swooping above my head yesterday, squeeking away as they dived and aerobatically chasing presumably flies..........or maybe they were just so full of joy at being alive. Then last night I sat out back, with a glass of wine to watch the meteorite dust that earth was passing through....did I see anything magical?
No ..... not a shooting star of any size or shape ... but I have now got a neck ache lol

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