Sunday, 28 November 2010

Knitting & Stitching Show and what caught my eye (1)

Julia Caprara died in 2008 and these are all her works, the last here of which just blew me away. But this first one, I swear you could feel the breeze ruffling through  the grasses. Name not known to this one.
Gardens of the Sun. This second one was so deep with texture yet it lay so flat against the wall. I checked and it wasnt nailed in place! Rich, vibrant, luxurious and yet so naive in one way too, heres a small are a closer up.

Custodian of the Sacred Vessel and it was easily 5' long.This is sideways on as are a couple more, cos I cant get them to switch round and stay that way at the moment and my brains in slow mode lol sorry, so just swivel your head sideways on and pretent its a yoga lesson.....cough, cough....

Rainment of the Children of Light - Meeting points. Equally long and choc full of this incredible stitching with wow factor.

And this one was simply divine, so subtlely simple but am sure it would take real skill, to achieve that kind of awesome simplicity. It was ethereal and the close ups may show just a little of her stitch craft. Though swivel your head again for the next one, its actually the left side with the small tree on the horizon.
Called Sussex Garden - September. I wanted to take it home and treasure it but would have needed a 2nd mortgage even if it had been for sale.

More to follow despite blogger!

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