Sunday, 28 November 2010

Knitting & stitching show (4)

The journey by coach to Harrogate yesterday 27th, was quite good, snow not withstanding. It was picturesque en route and not that cold, todays a different matter of course for us here in Hull.........but plenty of snow to do snow dyeing, if I could be bothered to go out back and freeze for the fun of doing it again! 
A guy called Paddy Murphy had altered 2 particular military uniforms and they were just amazing.
Not least because I know someone who had to have a similar facial construction quite recently and she deserves every ounce of respect for what she went through after cancer struck a chord in her life.
Im happy to say she's well and has had a successful reconstruction.
I took these pics in the hope that being an exquisite needlewoman herself she might see their significance.
Cant swizz some of my pics round, not sure what I havent done ~ but niether blogger nor Picasa are playing ball here, so apols for the sideways tilt again...

It fair breaks your heart to see this chap and read what his ops were about.
I loved that the guy has pulled away the breast pocket of the uniforms and placed this chaps face in one and his family maybe and a keepsake handkerchief in the other.
And see where he has opened a flap in the side pocket where again there is a photograph?
NOTE I managed to post them on 29th the right way up, so do look at them there properly!

It was SO touching to see this, Im still wondering if it was a relative of his from 1939, the dates mentioned thereon. It was very humbling to witness this mans story, whoever he might have been.

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  1. thank you for sharing some pics of the Harrogate show. wish i could have been there. hope you will be posting lots more pics.



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