Friday, 5 November 2010

Mermaid and eco dye results

I made mention somewhere in a post about my mermaid, I think, so here's a picture of her. Ive been in the process of framing it with driftwood for years now lol must get round to finishing it.
I have enough pieces of driftwood, its a case of getting round to it!

Its worth showing the effects achieved here I think, I quite like them but had no idea how theyd turn out........serendipity again.
I bundled together in fabric several oval glass shapes, those pretty blue, pink etc glass shapes they sold once to sit in glass vases so your flowers would stand upright? Then tied the bunches round with an old blue thread, abit thicker than perle but the same kind of thread basically.
Obviously the vibrant blue from the thread also bled into the fabric a little at the tied points and this star like colouring occured.

They are all the same piece of fabric but the centre pic is so dark its colour isnt as true. I dumped the nobbly tied fabric into a now weakened solution of sloe berry dye bath. 
Still only using salt rinsed fabrics, but I am using various metal pots for the dye simmering process, so cant say if its the salt or metalware thats the mordant!

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