Sunday, 28 November 2010

Knitting & Stitching (5)

Now these beauties are slate, the larger gravestone like one, is yorkshire slate which is hard by all accounts. Made by Clyde Olliver
who has been stitching metal into slate for years he told me..........well, as you do!

Id have never ever thought of doing so but I fell in love with his work no sooner had I entered the show hall!
I adore the welsh slate that suggests fossilised dinosaur spines and the gravestone like piece was as tactile as it looks.
Look carefully and you will see runes have been crafted in metal on it............clever or what!
Some folk are so gifted and here is using some of natures own treasures........... Hey if you buy his work online, let me know what the postage costs are like will you? lol
But what a thing to buy this as your own gravestone and then have it ready for when youve gone..........thats my idea, not his intention by the way!
But Id be content with my ashes laid beneath this wouldnt you?!
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