Sunday, 28 November 2010

Knitting & Stitches ~ did I mention I bought afew things and found a book?

All I can say is that I havent been well and now I could see properly (conjunctivitus tho not all gone yet)I was overwhelmed with the need of these things...... many of you will understand ( sorry Mary lol)
I got the flower stitcher book cos I had recently won a  draw for one from Maggie Grey before she moved house. I have Dales other books so knew Id pick up wisdom from it.
I also found some old natural dyeing books that interested me. One about identifying lichens and which to use for what colour.
Must find me a kindly graveyard caretaker so I could go with him lichen scraping at some point in the year, then Id be sure not to steal away anything protected!
I managed to buy the CPS for sept/oct 2009 thinking it was a 2010 copy and am sure I have this already so will pass this onto a a pal.
I bought the selvedge backcopy mag having seen it at the NEC last march but forgot to get it.
On their stall they had 5" or 6" small fabric birds with metal legs, you know like in the book Little Bird? The only difference was that they were made of several diff fabrics almost scrap patched together with frayed edges as part of the design.
Go on, guess how much they were?
£75 each.............I kid you NOT!

Some wonderfil rayon threads, egyptian cotton variegated, shiv sticks and some divine japanese silk yarns oh and those holey silk pods, forget their name but they are lovely as they are!
Oh yes and thyese sari skeins were a bargain, size 12 and 10 crichet hooks and two balls of yarn.......but one is a lacy/holey blue to the will it embellish? wont it look great woven with novekty yarns? And couched down in things too?
Then the turq variegated coloured one is finer and wider than another similar yarn I have and sea couldnt resist that could I!
Oh and fat quarters and some wonderfully inexpensive spiders web like 'tulle' they called it, must take a piccy of it.
Its like a very open weave lutrador that you can see right through and would look great laid on a background fabric.......they had it in white and black and also black with a silver thread in it too, so it was sparkly.....resisted the sparkly one.......see how good I was! 
Saved myself £3.50 there....... :)
Now off to make a cupper then put drops in the eyes and sit with a book on my lap whilst making brown felted robins to hang on xmas trees.
When I went downstairs at the show to see the hundreds of Morse bags that had been made and donated for charity............they lined both sides of a 150 mt corridor of sorts.very bright and fun to look at...........I stopped for a coffee at a table down there.
On the table was a book that had been left with a yellow sticker on it that said PICK ME UP.... I felt like that Alice lass!
The sticker tells you its a Travelling Book, its not lost, its on a  journey and it asks you to sign in online and let its folks know where its gone!
How great is that...
Its new to me but you know the wierd thing about it?
I picked it up and almost bought a copy of this book a the last jumbly thing I went to and am not sure why I didnt buy it in the end.....
its called The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver and about a missionary family who go to the Congo and realise that they are way out of their depth and should they be there at all...a sort of Heart of Darkness.
Now is this evangelism at work do you think or what?
After Ive read it off to Oz lol I may make it a passport! for details !


  1. How I often wish I could come back to the UK when I read about shows like this or the FOQ in Birmingham, so thanks for making me feel as if I was on your shoulder - I would have bought some of those things. My daughter does the Bookcrossing thing, releasing them but has never found one - she keeps hoping. Cheers.

  2. Glad I gave you the essence of what took my eye. A friend didnt have chance to go so hoped she would see parts of it thru my eyes too. But realy there was so much that I wasnt able to take pics of, even though I did say they would be on the blog and attributed to the makers without question.
    Are you from Birmingham by any chance thats my birthplace and Ive not been to the FOQ there!
    Thankyou so much for your comment, I appreciate it.