Friday, 5 November 2010

Remembrance Day and your never too old to learn!

I am learning such alot doing these Topic Boxes for our VI children.
These pics are my faffing with overlaying on the very simple and free Picassa software....just me playing!

I have made a small poppy wreath to go in the WW1 Topic Box and was going to put in a little wooden cross, the like of which are placed at graves world wide Im sure, but especially over here in the UK in time for Remembrance Sunday.
The poppies and crosses are made by The Royal British Legion here in the UK and are 'sold' for donations. The money donated helps those injured in war.
You must all know the poppy was immortalised during WW1 by the poem 'In Flanders Fields' and has become a fragile symbol of lost lives.
Lost lives from whichever 'side'.

But all these years I had no idea that you could also get wooden crosses with the Star of David on them for the Jewish, or that there is also a cross which is in the shape of the Muslim crescent moon!
I cannot believe that I hadn't known about these other crosses but of course I do now, so they are going into the Topic Box too.

I even trekked through to the school alongside us and asked them if they knew about the other crosses and they didnt!
So they are off hot foot to find some now, so that they're Remembrance Day display shows that we should care about all lives lost.

Like Ive found out, your never too old to learn........ and never too young either.

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