Thursday, 28 October 2010

Eco dyed fabrics

And heres afew pics of some results of eco dyeing, using amongst others the smaller 4' tall bamboo plants, sprays of leaves, which gave me a smashing yellow! I hadnt anticipated that colour from green leaves, so am thrilled with the effect.
I have bought myself a eucalyptus too now, so had a bash with those leaves though Im not sure which leaf produced which exact result on one or two of these fabrics lol
This shows the bamboo spray and
this is when I opened the wrap, after steaming it and allowing it to rest for 24 hours or so, in the steamer.

Again at the unwrapping stage, assorted leaves and some pine tree sprigs in there too.

This one is been my favourite of this bunch, it was an old piece of heavy linen, which I laid leaves in, some eucalptus is in this wrap, but also bamboo, onion skins and slices, virginia creeper and clematis leaves too.

As I unwrapped it, it looked interesting. Id enclosed the leaves then folded the fabric up ina  parcel of sorts and that may have accounted for the final images on it.

On this one you can clearly see the rich yellow colours of the bamboo and I think the brown was brown onion skins.

These are that lovely heavy linen and its an almost mauve tinged mix with browns and honeyed grays, hard to explain and of course then blessed pic doesnt do it justice! So Im not altogether sure which leaf produced which lovely shape or texture-ish look!

Forgot to flip the piccy's round but you get the idea. Its a very dense and interesting coverage and must have more to do with the folding up and mix of foliage. One layer did have onion slices in, but I used brown ones on this batch, you can probably spot the circular shapes
on this one below. 

 This last piece was an accident lol I had it ironed and folded up along side the cooker and when I took the steamer off the pan. I placed the steamer on the folded fabric. It had been previously dyed in a pot of sloe and also elderberry ( I think...)
But this amazing effect was presumably as the heat forced the dye out to the edges?
So learn from that error of jusdgement unless you too want to achieve a mistake like this too!

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