Wednesday, 20 October 2010

An unknown tomb at Welwick Parish Church (1)

This is a fascinating tomb thats within the Welwick Parish Church in East Yorkshire.
Its a conundrum for them because they dont actually know who is laid in there!
But its such a mismatched, yet beautiful 'inglenook' like construction, that I almost hope they never find out!
Its an enigma and is as interesting from the outside, as it is from the inside!
There are damaged figures of both St Catherine and St Margaret above the interior and its elaborate carved stonework, suggests to me that its not a bloke in there, but a woman.
 I'm sure thats just my creative imagination at play, but in that case, she's been clandestinely buried there, safe from whomsoever was chasing her in life! lol
I have some other pics of the tomb to load up but blogger is faffing about and not allowing me to load more than one picture at a time....godamit!

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