Sunday, 3 October 2010

Cyanotype trees

Now this lovely lady takes some stunning photos and features them on her blog from time to time.
One of a lone tree stood out for me and I trialed it, using a photocopy under glass laid on the treated fabric, using the cyantotype exposure process.
So whilst I take credit for the one tree with the metal fence behind it on the right ha ha ha, I cannot take ANY credit for the atmospheric lone tree on the left!  But its come out even more ethereal in this process hasnt it!

Mine uses a point and shoot method lol, but the real photographic artists picture is on the left, making mine look naff!
Pop over to her blog and see the amazing flower pics she has taken recently.


  1. Thank you Lyn for the I know why I'm getting visits when I have not posted for a week or so!!
    What will you do with these?

    All the best

  2. You came through as 'no reply blogger' - quite handy really as I have now been reading through your fascinating blog - have now put you on my blogines.
    Great link here too.
    But the point of all this is yes please I would love that latin phrase. :)

  3. Its a deal, will get it tomorrow for you and its in script so will scan it through as it is.
    All I have to do then is find my way back to you and your email address!!
    Heavens if I came thru as 'no reply blogger', I must have done it without knowing how I did it lol I amaze myself at times.............dohh