Thursday, 28 October 2010

Halloween pins and mummified cat in the making

I made afew halloweeny pins, which I'll show here.........for fun, quite like the one with the limp bow lol
and heres the modroc base for the mummified cat in the making.
Its at work drying off thoroughly, in wait for my starting the egyptian topic box.
Also posting a piccy of my attempts at friendly plastic, not sure if Ive posted them before but Im intent on posting pics now just to annoy blogger even more ! lol

Id had the idea that the egyptians thought so much of their animals that they had them mummified and entombed with them but they actually bred cats, ibis and gators so they could be killed and mummified, then placed in tombs to show respect for whoever had died!
It tickled my fancy though when I read that several Ibis had been unwrapped and theyd found only afew feathers had been enclosed, so either the embalmers had a scam going or they ran out of Ibis and shared the feathers about abit!
I prefer the scam idea lol though it highlights the deviousness of human nature then, as now!

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